Decisions on behalf of your Children: The doctrine of ‘Parens Patriae’ in Australia

Patriae means ‘parent of the country’ in Latin, and refers to the common law doctrine by which the Sovereign has an obligation to protect the interests of those unable to protect themselves, such as children and mentally incapacitated adults.[1] For example, the State has a duty to protect children or the mentally ill who are abused or neglected.

In the earliest days of the doctrine in England, Parens Patriae was restricted to only the mentally incompetent, but in the seventeenth century, the Lord Chancellor extended the duty towards children as well.[2]Parens Patriae jurisdiction does not extend to mentally competent adults, deceased persons or unborn foetuses.

Search continues for missing girl Kandi Hewitt, last seen in Hamilton Hill

AUTHORITIES are appealing for information about a missing 15-year-old WA girl, who has not been sighted in almost six months.

The Department for Child Protection and WA Police said they had “serious concerns” for Kandi Hewitt, who was last seen in September last year in the Hamilton Hill area.

NSW Justice Young cracking down on corrupt Human Services officers

In NSW Supreme Court last week Justice Young tore strips from the Department of Human Services officers responsible for the removal of a baby boy using legislation that had not yet been passed in parliament.  It is believed they also filed the wrong forms - begging the question "How many Department Lawyers deliberately file wrong forms in order to win their case?".

The NSW Justice requested that the boy returned immediately, or at least have orders drawn up to enable him to be returned to his mother and father, however DoCS (Human Services) officers refused the request by the Justice, showing their absolutely complete and utter contempt for the law.

Alecomm staff want the DoCS Lawyer whom filed the forms, knowingly, to be charged and removed immediately from practise, as this type of unethical and corrupt behaviour does nothing but further prove the deeply stemmed corruption in the system, and that DoCS Officers will go to any extreme to remove children from good parents.

The corruptness that has been shown to date in this case, is yet another reason why Pru Gowards recommendations for easier removal and adoption of children should be tossed out the window.  At least until they (DoCS) can adequately prove they are no longer a corrupt organisation. For further information on this case Click Here

WA DCP coverup of four years sexual abuse by foster carer son

A girl in Bunbury Western Australia aged 11 to 14 was sexually abused by her foster carer's son-in-law for 2 years between 2010 to 2013 and the evidence was hidden by foster carer's and DCP !!

The foster carers stole the young girls Toshiba hard drive, from her brand new Toshiba laptop purchased for her by DCP. IT had her diary records of the daily events of sexual abuse by the perpetrator and abuse by the foster carer's. The child's Toshiba laptop, had all security seals broken and damaged when inspected and had been replaced with a generic hard drive. Toshiba assured me they do not use generic products in their computers but their own branded products. Her mobile phone was wiped after being confiscated as well as her iPod being taken and never returned.

The perpetrator got off due to "insufficient evidence" !!

WA DCP protecting rapists to cash in on kids

WA DCP covering up rape of girls in care. They even email mothers to tell them their daughter was raped in care. What a disgraceful department. Paedophiles protecting paedophiles - and they coverup the crimes long enough to endure the girls receive no justice. Jail sentence all involved in the rape coverups. #Joondalup and #Bunbury #DCP #15000Stories #StopChildTrafficking #Alecomm

Jack Brabham's rapist son walks free after six months sentence for raping six year old girl

These dangerous laws sicken me. Child sex offender Gary Brabham has just been released - serving just 6 months for raping an 6 year old girl. Queensland's child sex abuse sentences are weak and offensive - they need urgent review.

I’m friends with the victim’s mum. The judge reported that Gary showed "no remorse". He even tried to appeal this lenient sentence. He's now out, free to abuse innocent victims again.

Protecting the Predators and Perpetrators

Police, child protection, family court's, criminal courts, the legal system, our government ... They all protect predators and perpetrators.  Hundreds of thousands of stories are emerging Australia wide and yet the general public still don't get it!!  No one is exempt, unless you have money to buy your way out!!!

Innocent people are played every single day!! False reports are made, evidence hidden, and when evidence is available it is kept under lock and key!!!  Innocent people being forced to plead guilty to crimes they never committed, their children taken under false pretense, and abused in a system that proclaims to provide a better life!!  A better life for who??  The money making fraudsters who pocket billions of Australian tax dollars per year??  Or our children??

This is currently what our children endure !! Tell me if this is the better life you all envisioned??  Full of beatings, rape, murder ?? Homelessness, hunger, with no job prospects, little education, no love or true support ?? And ten times the chance of dying ...

"Pru Goward pulls the trigger on Weapons of Mass Destruction"

Pru Goward has done absolutely NOTHING to clean up the corruption of DOCS NSW so far. Caseworkers are still stealing children from innocent parents, are still not accountable for their corruption and criminal misconduct and RESTORATION is NOT happening!

She has a political opportunity to stop the New Stolen Generation BY DOCS but instead she is choosing to ignore the atrocities being committed daily to children in care and innocent parents by her Department.

Her only achievement so far is to make a deal with big business NGO's and hand them millions of dollars to continue their abuse of children in care as they have done for decades and none of these NGO's will have any intention of restoring children to the rightful care of their parents because that would be bad for their business which is to make money so they will focus only on increasing the number of children they manage and concentrate on doing the least they possibly can for the children to improve their profit margins....NGO's are a proven weapon of mass destruction and history will evidence that Pru Goward pulled the trigger and destroyed the New Stolen Generation by DOCS NSW.

Stop destroying lives ... BRING OUR CHILDREN HOME

"Pru Goward Boards the Corruption Train ... Full Steam Ahead."

  1. Ward of the State fee67There are 39,000 Children all up under DoCS /Facs NSW
  2. The Children in care of the State of NSW today ...Will be the Forgotten Australians of tommorow.
  3. Pru Goward states she desperately wanted the job of Community Services Minister

Before Pru got the job she also stated she would start sending children home to thier parents and families.
This is because she recieved literally hundreds upon hundreds of emails, letters and visits from parents and families of stolen children whilst in opposition and knew exactly what was going on in Child Protection NSW prior to the State election of March 2011.

Pru Goward is just another theatrical puppet for Government enforced Foster Mills headed up by Corporate NGO's, the old adage of State & Church now joined by Corporate blood sucking parasites who aim to earn as much dirty lucre as they can from the misery of NSW families and thier innocent children. The campaign is one of fear and class cleansing in order to employ thousands of middle class workers to assist the new corporate NGO's in thier supply on demand modus operandi.

Community Services NSW would have the general public believe that the caseworker exodus is due mainly to under funding and job pressures. Caseworkers are walking away from thier employement in child protection NSW due to work place bullying by superiors and managers who are forcing young caseworkers to go with the flow or suffer the consequences.These bullying Case Managers have been successfully indoctrinated by the hostile, toxic and malicious system that it is now better known as. FosterCarers are being bullied and victimised every bit as much as the parents of children who do not warrant State Care.

The complaints system is an absolute joke as it simply does NOT exist. The system will tell the complainant to refer back to the caseworker the complaint refers to..hows that for a major Governmental department joke. Annette Gallard DoCs CEO and damage controller who retired last year sent out substandard letters to hundreds of complainants on behalf of the Minister stating exactly the above...please refer your complaint back to the caseworker your complaint refers to.. By the way..Annette Gallard was successful in changing the Human Tissues ACTand led the review to have all State Wards made compulsory organ donors.One can only imagine the size of Miss Gallards retirement cheque.

Since Pru Goward became the new puppet on the string ...

We have thousands of innocent children being handed over to many of the abusers of the past ...i'm sure a great percent of us have read the recent demands for a Royal Commission into the Catholic Church and State institutional abuses of innocent children and Justice Woods got it so wrong when he recommended this tragic move.. The pityful sorries that have come about in the recent two from these churches and institutions do nothing for the one million victims who suffered being raped, buggarised and beaten as children in thier care and now we are going to entrust them all over again because of one meaningless word.
Forced adoptions are back in fashion and as you stated 18 years in state wardship via long term or permanent care equates to forced adoption..mind you the NSW politicians are all over adopion of children in care at the moment, thier gearing up to adopt out hundreds of children The labour wards are being raided all over NSW by DoCs baby snatchers , new borns less than an hour old are being ripped from their mothers arms before they are breast fed and delivered to

"Pru Goward pushing to abandon our basic human rights"

30803-clip-art-graphic-of-a-scared-and-nervous-brown-dog-cowering-with-his-tail-tucked-between-his-hind-legs-by-djartPru Goward has recently released the Child Protection Reforms Discussion Paper entitled "Child Protection: Legislative Reform Legislative proposals: Strengthening parental capacity, accountability and outcomes for children and young people in State care".

We're taking a punt on the fact that many caseworkers are whinging about the Preliminary DoCS Complaints Registers, and regardless of whether they are or not, guilty of the alleged offence, Minister Goward is taking the offensive in that her Caseworkers aren't committing the crimes they have been accused of on the registers.

Sadly enough, Alecomm staff have viewed enough casefiles to know this is not true, and that too many caseworkers are getting away with blue murder, and the destruction of thousands of children's lives, all to just punish ghosts of their own past.

With so much documentation proving that caseworkers are committing crimes, including kidnap and blackmail, violating the International Covenant of Civil and Political Rights of both parents and children, and committing offences in the courts, offences that attract up to fourteen years plus jail, it is absolutely astounding that the Minister is turning a blind eye to it all.

We really need to get control freaks out of our government.

We really need to get control freaks out of our government. They're supposed to be public servants not Lords and masters. As someone who has suffered the irrational and corrupt way that child services deals with innocent parents I can say with confidence that unless your child is being starved, beaten, hog tied and kept in a dungeon they are better off with you than our crooked child agencies.

Trigger warning

When I collected my daughter yesterday afternoon from.... I can't honestly remember what number placement this is... She disclosed details of her attempted suicide...

She has endured 2 year's sexual abuse by a foster carer's son-in-law from 2011 - 2013 she aged 11 to 14....then a group home where the house not only backed onto her old foster carer's back year but her perpetrator could see through her bedroom windows. She was further psychologically tortured by the staff at this group home....

My daughter is still with me today luckily, however I had not been told by DCP Bunbury Western Australia about her hospitalization for attempting suicide...

My little girl, only 14-15 at the time, attempted to use a knife to slash her wrists, "but I found it too blunt and tried scissors instead".
She failed to cut deep enough into her wrists so instead "I broke the scissors and just started cutting.. I couldn't stop... My arms, my legs, my stomach." she told me how she was bloodied and and no one noticed. She then told me "all poisons were loved away, so I went to the boys toilet, where I knew they kept a bottle of Bleach for when the boys do a number 2....i drank the entire bottle before someone noticed that there was blood and I had locked myself in."
She goes on to tell me, "*** the carer, took me to hospital, she was the reason I was there mum. She was so cruel telling me no one wanted me, I was a f"**k up... That no one loved me and she was my only hope" my daughter spent 2 days in hospital while a psychiatric team assessed if she should be moved to a specialist hospital in Perth.... Not once was I informed of this. I had been begging for my baby to come home, along with her siblings.. And now they can contact me, all sorts of nightmare stories are emerging.....

Children are dying in foster care. The system is inhumane and beyond cruel!! I would never have know about my babies suicide attempt unless she had been successful. I have warned dcp that if things did not change, I would be greeting body bags.... I never expected I was that close to it being the truth!