The Practise of Removing Newborn Babies by Nurses when the Mother hasn't even passed the Placenta

We would like to analyse the hospitals involved, the nursing staff and their "what seems to be" blatant lying on risk of harm reports. Risk of Harms for lack of antenatal care when there have been no pregnancy complications.

* What reasons did they have for taking your baby?
* Did they remove your baby and cut the cord whilst the placenta was still intact (meaning interferring with the natural birth)?
* Did they leave you haemhorraing and take your baby?

* Were the hospital staff rude?
* Did they deny you medical attention ie curette to prevent the haemhorraging OR breastfeeding to help uterus contract back to normal?
* Did they leave you in pain?

* Did they put you back into the maternity ward after they removed your child?  Etc

All these things are common practise for these so-called nurses.

The other main reason for this topic is to also work out specific angles of attack for the forthcoming class action against docs and health services for these gross breaches of the babies basic human rights and the mothers also.


+1 #1 Guest 2011-02-05 12:20

Is there not one decent person working in these hospitals where new born babies are being ripped from the womb and sold to past abusers.

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