"Judge Munby - Yes another plea from a parent who is abused by the UK families court who try to hide the crimes of their actions!"

Dear XXX

So in the end I do have capacity - but Elliott Maher - stolen brutally by the British criminal systém, the sitting judge Sir James Munby decides to hide attrocities and most serious violations against humanity covering up the crimes of the previous judge and all criminals involved - the parties in this case at the expense of my sons life, at the expense of life of innocent Eliott Maher. Sir judge munby knows he must hide and decides to hide the brutality and criminality of his colleague royal judge sir peter singer- the judge who gave death sentence order to my son and who fled the court room when his crimes were found out by a prominent UK London Chelsea private international lawyer, who also proved the criminality of this case, proved criminality of the SS and their psychiatrists and criminality of Caffcass nora Bukley. The current judge Munby also received the copies of these important documents re the brutal criminality of this case but hides them to protect all criminals ie parties in this case.

Elliott´? best lifetime interest ie his mother therefore play no role whatsoever and flie out of the window. This despite being the paramount requisite legal condition for his decision, to také into consideration when making his judgement- Elliott whole lifetime since birthe brought up and cared for solely by his mother as a single parent securing only best interest for her son, Elliott being a professional athlete, always a healthy happy boy also excelling academically, brought up in extremely close, loving, caring home with his always responsible and loving mother leading together a meaningful and fulfilling life in honesty. Elliott begging for his mother since brutaly removed is in his best interest, deprived of everything he ever had and loved-this is the UK child protection systém- the whole world knows now what the UK has been up to in secret courts, and the consequences are being publiced around the world, I fail to see their last effort to gag and silence the mother through RRO and the rest of the Slovak Republic and International, Global community.

How doeas Judge Munby then justify prioritising and supporting criminality against a child of his colleague Judje Singer, the royal judiciary and the state agancies full of criminals and extremely dangerous individuals when he has got all means available to him and to his disposition to criminally prosecute thses brutal and sadistic network of people who constitute the machinery of state sponsored child terrorism and child snatching to cause deliberate harm or death to innocent children and their families? Sir Judge Munby surely must rely on law and morals in delivering his judgement and stemming from his professional position also on appropriate and required legal code of practice this also includes ethics and if he has all evidence of contempt of court, perjury, and criminal behaviour of the parties supplying fraudulent evidence to cause deliberate harm or death he is obliged to act and to criminally prosecute the criminals not securing them permanent lifetime legal protection for their professional misconduct, abuse of professional power andbrutal criminal offences committted against my son Elliott, myself and my mother Ing Lubica.
If he ignorest the best interst of the child conceptas his starting point ie child rights as being paramount benchmark for his decision and delivery of his judgement, if he ignores the concept of parental rights, right to a family then what is he doing as the president of the royal judges of secret family division care proceedings.

The answer is clear: his role is supporting personally the criminal organised crime, personally protecting legally the criminal running the organised criminal network of state-sponsored child snatching and personally participates in all criminal and brutal violence against innocent children.  The judge Sir James Munby is then in fact the top head of the whole criminal gang- Elliotts case is so criminal of historic proportions without historical precedent this also when considered through case law, development of law through case law and al legal paradigms and set out legal frameworks. I fail to see who else could bring the criminal systém of state child terror to its halt if he unequivivocally decides perhaps because he has no choice to personally support the systém we all know is not unjust but horrificaly criminal- and decides to ignore and violate all laws ever invented to protect humanity.

I fail to comprehend his choice of profesion especially since he has been publically cying out to abolish secret family division court rooms in the same light a death sentence has been once abolished legally in the UK. His only reason ans the only explanation for his behavipur is the horrific, historic, unprecedented case of Elliott Maher, a case without a historical preceden- he has no way of reliasing Elliott because he must all all cost protect the criminality of his colleagues- since this case would illustrate all crimes against their systém so clearly and easily-would show effortlessly why they all ICCs and the persons comitting theses crimes are to be prosecuted for these types of crimes in Hague at the International Criminal Court Tribunal.

We all know and have all evidence to support what I am saying is true, John Hemming knows and whats to criminally prosecute the parties, Ian Joseph Monaco knows, Stefanno Lucatello Kobalt Law LLP International knew instantly, even Bob Geldof knows we are talking here about the most sophisticated criminal organised network of unprecedented crimes against humanity and innocent children for profit. Those who dare to speak up are either immediately imprisoned or immediatelly imprisoned in high security psychiatric units always without witnesses, in secrecy in brutal violence-its all on u tube-the world knows by now- so that there are no witnesses, no evidence of these crimes, of crimes of dangerous criminals who run the systém, who run it in certainty, without punishment, without consequences, without punishment-only because they are immune and legally protected all the way to the president-the top royal judge-sir James Munby.

The power of the mental health law-as shown in numerous BBC documentaries-, the most powerful and easist way-the easist way to turn innocent healthy people into legal non-persons, rightless shadows without rights, dignity , this includes the criminal aspect of mental capacity issue in these secret child proceedings-applied as a bread and butter- is only a brutal criminal tool used to steal innocent children and to hide all witnesses forever simultaneously providing indefinite legal protection to all involved in the UK criminal network of these secret courts, ie to all so called professionals who commit theses crimes emplozed by the british state agencies protected by the rozal and state judiciary-alway colluding and collaborating toigether to steal and to cause deliberate harm to a child or death while obtaining massive irreversible financial profits for the UK economy-we all know it is true-through criminally invented secret courts phenomenon-,courts which took out the most basic elements and most required and requisite elements of court procedure-including contempt of court, perjury, immunity from criminal prosecution in addition to the fact that content of evidence cannot be challenged-what this means in practice and reality is that they are unstoppable in their quest and their criminality always under total immunity.

The question is how can the judge sir James Munby as the president, and a judge of the royal justice systém act in this way - without punishment or reprimand since his principal role is to adhere to rule of law, yet supports horrific criminality against child, mother and humanity. Seems gravely disturbing that to the Judge Sir James Munby code of law does not apply or ethics or morals.. than what does? The perverse game of questions continues yet the sitting judge has in his hands and at his disposition all evidence to criminally prosecute parties in the case since August 2013 and the only reason he is the current sitting judge of the case. My question to the honourable judge is why does he support criminal crimes against humanity and my child being the principal authority of law and justice in the court room, the british royal justice systém and the british and the UK law- the president of the royal judges.

All international criminal crimes and all crimes against child and humanity have got a clearly defined definition and also a clearly defined punisment for such crimes. So is also the contempt of court, perjury, and supporting criminally fabricated evidence to steal, kidnapp, abduct, to cause deliberate harm or death to a child, so is psychological, emotional, physical abuse and terror and so is using the mental health legal Framework to illegally, unlawfuly imprison innocent people and child with no mental health problems in high security psychiatric detention, seclusion units to be beaten, deprived of all rights, freedoms to be deliberetaly tortured to cause serious harm or death in places of the psychiatric prison type insitutions where you sent people who see and speak up the truth of brutality of all involved in the UK in the organised crime against children-now the current judge decided to resort to act criminality to hide the death sentence of his royal colleague judge sir peter singer who made torture legal and in the best interest of my child, including psychiatric, medical and fysical restraining techniques, including torture, drugs, physical, medical, psychiatric violence and life time of such torture and imprisonment, forced application of all drugs possible, medical, psychiatric on a healthy and a happy boy who never ever had any mental health problems in his life, or his mother or his grandmother- to ill my child or to keep him on artificial life support machinein case their torture kills himthis included brutal beating to his brains and torture, violence and all other forms of inhuman and degrading treatment violations and criminal offences wgich can never be tolerated or allowed to happen-not anywhere, not arranged in secret family division chambers of Sir Judge James Munby- somebody is responsible - Judge Munby is the President of all evil - he must expose and stop these horrific crimnes through criminal prosecution of all parties involved in the case-John Hemming is ready and preoared to assist him immediately without delay and so are others who have morals to see this is just unaacaptable and goes against all principles and notions of humanity. My son Elliott has got right, so has his mother-the criminals cannot reign unpunisged in secrecy forever. Surely enough is enough.

I seek your assistance to do what is right at last without delay. I request immediate return of my beloved son Elliott Maher.

Thank you.
(Source : http://ukobeythelaw.wordpress.com/2013/12/20/another-plea-from-a-parent/)

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