Protecting the Predators and Perpetrators

Police, child protection, family court's, criminal courts, the legal system, our government ... They all protect predators and perpetrators.  Hundreds of thousands of stories are emerging Australia wide and yet the general public still don't get it!!  No one is exempt, unless you have money to buy your way out!!!

Innocent people are played every single day!! False reports are made, evidence hidden, and when evidence is available it is kept under lock and key!!!  Innocent people being forced to plead guilty to crimes they never committed, their children taken under false pretense, and abused in a system that proclaims to provide a better life!!  A better life for who??  The money making fraudsters who pocket billions of Australian tax dollars per year??  Or our children??

This is currently what our children endure !! Tell me if this is the better life you all envisioned??  Full of beatings, rape, murder ?? Homelessness, hunger, with no job prospects, little education, no love or true support ?? And ten times the chance of dying ...

[in foster care] than if left at home - and our governments own figures continue to prove this (Protected to death in 2014 by the NSW Foster Care System).

Many of these kids came from homes where single parents were struggling, had escaped family domestic violence, depression caused by lack of employment and affordable support, cost of living increasing daily.  Not all parents caught in this system were abuser's, drug user's, alcoholic's, criminals, or even mental health sufferers past typical depression ... At least not until the system turned them this way or painted a semi-believable picture - all the while eliminating what little dignity they may have had left ...

We all know how easy it is to tell a lie at least a few times in our lives, to protect ourselves or someone else ...  Why is it so impossible to believe that these people in power are in any way different ???  Step up Australia !!!  While innocent and good people suffer, and we shut our mouths or point the finger, your ignorance allows perpetrators roam free amongst us!!!

This could be you next!!!

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