Magistrate Cohen Proving White Australian Policy is alive and well in the Family Law Court of Australia today!!!!!!


Recentley a Final Judgement was handed down in the Family Law Court of Australia Magistrate Cohen to remove two children from their Aboriginal mother and placing with their non Aboriginal father. The following statements were made in his reasoning for the removal of the two children from the Aboriginal mother and placing with the non Aboriginal father:

It stated the following " As i have said, B.... is emotionally and intellectually immature for his age. H..... is probably unexceptional in these respects. The boy's are Aboriginal for the purposes of the Family Law Act because they come within the definition of that word in it.. They are decendents for the Aboriginal people of Australia.

But they are also decendants of the white settlers, and are to a great degree of that heritage. However, their identity has been developed by the maternal side of the family, where the mother, her father and J..... (their brother) are also decendents of Aboriginal People, Although the mothers mother is not.

The boy's regard themselves as being Black. To undermine their identity could well cause them emotional harm. Nevertheless, denial of the reality that they are also european or Anglo celtic background, especially since their apperance conforms to the steryotype for such a background,could also cause them emotional problems in the long term. They should in my opinion, be strongly encouraged to embrace both strands of their make up and be proud of them and who they are. To do that they must be exposed to both cultures and to people who share one or other with them.

 : If they live with the mother they will be exposed to the local Aboriginal community, because the mother and the mother's family are active within this community, although the evidence does not suggest that the members are a homogenous group which shares the beliefs, practices and values of one tribe. There is little evidence to suggest that the children will be taught much about any relevant part of Aboriginal Culture. The evidence suggests more that the maternal family's association with the Aboriginal Community in the area is a social rather than a cultural association, but the children would still be exposed in a general way to Aboriginal culture and some traditions. If they spend less time with the mother, their exposure will be less than it is now.


:In the fathers care the children will be exposed to, and be able to enjoy the lifestyle, culture and traditions of ordinary Australians of there fathers background. These are so well understood little more needs to be said of them. With the father the boys will be more exposed to his familys culture and people of the culture, but except to some extent the paternal grandmother will not be inhibited from them rejoycing their Aboriginality.

: The boy's have said things which indicate that they regard themselves as being Black when in reality they are not, but a partly Aboriginal. As reality is likely to be best for them, it is likely that it will advance their welfare if they have a more balanced view of them selves. More contact with the father and the father's family will promote this.

: Both her and the mother, and the mother's parents appear to be extremely prejudiced: the paternal grandmother about Australian Aboriginies, and the mother and her family towards non-aboriginies who do not give them unquestioning support, and about people who are often described as Anglo-celtic Australians like the father and his family. The paternal grandmother resents the mother and her family efforts for the boys to strongly identify strongly as Aboriginies. The mother and her family seem to be over zealous in denying the reality that the boys look like the father and the father's family. look little or nothing like full blooded Aboriginies and are in fact only one eighth Aboriginie.

: The mother and her parents are quite hostile to non Aboriginal Australians partically those of Anglo-Celtic background. The mother is probably as entrenched in her bigotry in this respect as she is in the habit of claiming those who will not do her bidding are against Aboriginals. Her parents, paradoxically her mother  and obviously her father, gave me the impression they, too are hostile towards non Aboriginies. Her father was very hostile and defensive when being cross examined.

: In the mothers principle care because the boys are likely to lose their relationship with the father and his family, they will probably lose the right to enjoy their culture lifestyle and traditions that the mother and her father have not adopted from people like the fathers family despite their pervasive presence. They will not be as able to have relationships with people of the fathers background who are close to them or share their culture with them. There is a real risk that the boy's assertion that they are black: implying they are not white is a manifestation of the seed of alienation from the general Australian community already having being planted by the mother and her parents. If it has it will greatly contribute to the boy's disadvantage. One sees far too many tragic instances of this.

`There will be a protest out the front of the Family Law Court of Australia in Sydney on Wednesday the 2nd March at 12 midday!!!!

As many people as possible are asked to participate and we ask to get Local Aboriginal Organisations, and any members of the general public who believe this is unjust to participate:{module Latest Events Wide}


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Isn't the name Cohen Jewish.

Didn't the Jewish experience GENOCIDE

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