Bradyn Dillon's case worker 'does not know' why abusive father was not thoroughly checked

Abusers job or title:: Father


Nine year old Bradyn Dillon died in February 2016

Nine-year-old Bradyn Dillon died in February 2016.


The child protection case officer responsible for a Canberra boy murdered by his father has been unable to say why she did not carry out more thorough checks on his abusive parent when she was looking after the case in 2014.

Bradyn Dillon, 9, was killed by his father in 2016, when several weeks of violent attacks culminated in his death.

Abuser Name or Alias:: Graeme Dillon
Abusers Organisation:: Queensland Child Safety
Type of Abuse:: Physical, Death
Matter Resolved?: Ongoing

Jack Brabham's rapist son walks free after six months sentence for raping six year old girl

These dangerous laws sicken me. Child sex offender Gary Brabham has just been released - serving just 6 months for raping an 6 year old girl. Queensland's child sex abuse sentences are weak and offensive - they need urgent review.

I’m friends with the victim’s mum. The judge reported that Gary showed "no remorse". He even tried to appeal this lenient sentence. He's now out, free to abuse innocent victims again.

"Political Assassins get $750,000 in Legal Aid - but boy murdered by Queensland Government gets told to pay for himself."

Luke Borusieiwicz was murdered under the (apparent) care of Queensland Child Safety over three years ago.  His father had beat drugs and alcohol, found work, obtained suitable accommodation but as usual, the thugs we have come to know as Child Protection weren't interested.  So they placed Luke with a 74 year old woman who had numerous other children in her care.  Luke was the youngest.

For weeks his father Michael sighted his son with bruises and abrasions, even on his private parts.  He notified Child Safety immediately on each occasion however his notifications were ignored, much as they do with any parent whom they have removed children from.  Child Safety / Child Protection do not like being told that they are doing more harm to a child than good and will go to extreme lengths to cover it up.

A few weeks later Luke Borusieiwicz was beaten into a coma with multiple head injuries, and there was no chance of Luke living.

"73 at-risk children die in Queensland "

A QUEENSLAND child who had been placed in the care of an alleged sex offender was one of scores of children known to the state's child protection system who died in the year to July.

The Queensland Child Death Case Review Committee's 2011/12 annual report shows 73 children - from babies to 17-year-olds - died in the year who were known to the Department of Child Safety, eight more than the year before.

Of the 73, 27 died of disease or morbid conditions, five died of sudden infant death syndrome and undetermined causes, 11 perished in transport incidents, five drowned, four were fatally assaulted, and six committed suicide, one of whom was just nine years old.

The committee commended the department for carrying out "sufficiently comprehensive" responses to 63 of the children while they were alive. It said a further six cases were sufficient but contained minor errors.