Stockholm Syndrome. The solution for children who don't want to go to the abusive parent

Judge Jarret and his circus of Court Reporters including Anthony Smith have "New Ways of Making You Speak".  We'll make it simple for those of you who haven't had to endure the Dark Side of the Family Court...  It seems these days that the solution for children that do not want to go to visit their abusive parent, is to accuse the mother (generally) of alienating the child from the father, coercing the child, coaching the child, and then to force that child to then live full-time with the other parent.

Furthermore, to ensure the fullest extent of Stockholm Syndrome is endured by the child, both the magistrates and court reporters and ICL's collude together and prevent the child from having any contact with the mother for at least (generally) six months.  This is to ensure that the child realises that no matter what, there will always be abuse, that the government will ensure that the child will no longer have the protection of his or her mother, and that protecting your child from any sort of abuse is futile. 

The child is torn away from everything he or she knows (tell me that's not abuse in itself) - just because the child does not want to see the other parent.

It does happen.  In a recent case the child and father had no contact for a very long time, and then about two years ago the father decided he wanted contact.  The mother, naturally had no desire to prevent a relationship and consented to orders - that were changed ON FOUR OCCASIONS - as the father decided.  (And that's not A VEXATIOUS LITIGANT???).  Every time, each time the father was awarded what he wanted by Judge Jarret - and contact was happening until the child started to refuse to see the father.  He basically didn't know the man - and had no desire to.  Not the child's fault.  Not the mother's either. 

Documentation prove there was violence in the family home.  It was also documented by another sibling, and furthermore there was a compensation payout from victims of crime awarded to the mother for domestic violence by the father.  There were also court reports that the father was violent (BY ANTHONY SMITH - BYRON BAY), and his resolve to that was to isolate the child with the father for at least six months with no contact with the mother.   So that's what Judge Jarret did.   IF that isn't the definition of Stockholm Syndrome you tell me what is.  You can view the video of the child requesting assistance here.

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