"Judge Carnage delivering Devastating Verdicts to Innocent Babies in Sydney"

Judge Carnage - better known as Federal Magistrate Carney is working full on to enhance this New Stolen Generation with continual judgements being made to the Department of Community Services where there has been NO intervention prior to removal and no hard evidence of any abuse of children. For anybody to take a child without lawful means is Kidnap, and it comes with a 10 - 14 year imprisonment time.

If a child is removed - whether by the government or anybody - without lawful means - it constutes kidnap, and what is currently happening is exactly that. Children are being removed (kidnapped) from their families on nothing more than a signed piece of paper on behalf of the Director-General of Human Services. There is no evidence of abuse. Nothing. There is "at risk of emotional abuse", here is "has had a prior history of ...", and identifying reasons as low as "Failed to protect the child" when the department has forced the mother to send a child unsupervised to their father / step-father AFTER the mother has left the father / stepfather for domestic violence. How is that abuse? It is not. And in any other court of law, the matter would be laughed out of the court.

This is NOT a laughing matter. This is what is happening each and every day beneath the noses of the ignorant and disbelievers. Judge Carnage is delivering verdicts, at least three times per week, of "Legalised Kidnap" by the Australian Government, again, on presumption of guilt before evidence. Some children are fortunate enough to go home, maybe one in one hundred, after months, sometimes years, of litigation between the parents and the department - however by then, the damage is done. The child / baby is already scarred forever and so is the rest of the family.

It is about time that our Australian politicians started reacting to what is going on and demanding immediate changes to prevent this carnage. What needs to be recognised immediately is that IS NOT IN THE CHILDS BEST INTEREST to be removed from their family BEFORE it has been proven there is any abuse, because THIS IS ABUSE at minimum, and by law IT IS KIDNAP.

We recommend, that to prevent this happening, the politicians immediately start prosecuting each and every single Child Protection worker, and jailing them, where they have lied on an affidavit and or committed perjury in court, where it has resulted in the child being removed. We also recommend that the Department of Prosecutions immediately secure more staff to enable this to happen, and allow the public to directly contact them with evidence to prove their cases.

All laws relating to children and young people need to be immediately implemented, and by this mean all the alws that are going to encourage caseworkers to ensure that there IS abuse or neglect prior to removing a child.

All historical and ongoing cases, where children have been removed, where it has been proven there are lies and false and misleading information in court documents / transcripts etc must be completely reheard - with the parts / original carers being given automatic legal assistance. With such cases the caseworkers must represent their case on their own without the assistance of lawyers as is the case for most parents. And the only matter that should be heard is that of whether there was any reason for removal in the first place - and if so EXACTLY WHAT, with exactly what evidence. No conjecture, no assumptions and no ridiculous, time wasting court reporters.


+4 #1 MrPeter Krause 2012-12-05 20:00
This is precisely what to my daughter! Without any prove of evidence, Docs Dubbo came and, wait for this statement as said by Case worker, "compassionatel y" removed from Dubbo hospital, 13 days after my grandson was born!

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