Crimes Act 1900 - Sect 43A Failure of persons with Parental Responsibility To Care For Child

(1) In this section:
"child" means a child under 16 years of age.
"parental responsibility" means the duties, powers, responsibilities and authority in respect of a child that, by law, parents have in relation to their children.

(2) A person:
(a) who has parental responsibility for a child, and
(b) who, without reasonable excuse, intentionally or recklessly fails to provide the child with the necessities of life,
is guilty of an offence if the failure causes a danger of death or of serious injury to the child.

Maximum penalty: Imprisonment for 5 years.


#1 Guest 2010-10-19 15:24
Go Straight To Jail Linda Burney

For Jessie ... Who was kicked in the stomach with a running kick whilst sitting on the floor watching TV ... then had his face smacked and his favourite Winnie The Pooh T/Shirt ripped off his body ...screamed at YOU ARE THE BADDEST BOY IN THE WHOLE WIDE WORLD ...your Mother is a Slut, a Whore and a Junkie ... Jessie's ear was twisted around and around until he peed his pants in pain and fear. All this done by a DoCs approved carer at Parramatta ...Donna Van and hubby John. You bastards should ROT IN HELL for what you done to our little six year old Jessie. All that was investigated was the smack across the face that left a red/blue mark on Jessie's face for over a week.

Five YEARS JAIL FOR JESSIE .... Re: Burney

Another 60 cases of children being battered by DoCs approved carers = 60 x five years Burney......... .. The stenvh of Burney's Rogue Child Protection Dpt will last forever.

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