Striving for Peace in a World of Injustice

I have not seen my now 3yr old daughter in 118 days.
I have not seen her unsupervised for 256 days.
I was not allowed to see her for Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Years...And on March 13, 2013
I missed her 3rd birthday.

My ex-husband filed for divorce on July 19,2012 and since then, he has withheld our 2 year old daughter from me, claiming that I am mentally unfit because I had struggled with depression. Despite being cleared in three psychologists' reviews and parental fitness evaluations, he has succeeded in convincing nearly everyone.

After being stripped of my rights to raise my little girl and nearly $22,000 spent in attorney's fees, evaluations and visitation fees of $250 per hour, I was laid off from my full time job. I was forced to represent myself, as an indigent and had to file three motions of disqualification of Judge Alexander due to his blatant prejudice against my Pro Se status. On February 5th, I made it through the entire 8-hour trial day.

On March 5, 2013 nearly 8 months without my baby, I learned that Judge Alexander had simply signed opposing counsel's (Carol Caldwell) proposed judgment verbatim as his final judgment:

  • My ex-husband was awarded sole custody of our little girl.
  • I am allowed only two hours of supervised visits per week.
  • I can call her for a maximum of 15 minutes daily between the hours of 6pm to 7:30pm.
  • I cannot visit my little girl at her daycare.
  • I cannot attend her doctor appointments, school or extracurricular events.
  • My family cannot see my daughter unless my ex-husband adds them to the "approved visitor list" and they can share one of my supervised visits.
  • I am left with the family vehicle, which has negative equity and my ex-husband keeps the vehicle that is paid off.
  • All marital property, including the only significant marital assets (our collectibles), were inequitably distributed entirely to my ex-husband.
  • I must pay $587 monthly child support
  • I must pay $50 in arrears each month for the next 7 months
  • I must pay $360 per month in visitation fees ($45 per hour twice a week)

Even though I am currently on unemployment and get only $1,100 per month, I now have additional expenses of more than $1000 per month plus regular therapy appointments and life insurance fees. I am supposed to try to live on the $100 difference... all for the privilege of two supervised hours a week of seeing my sweet little girl.

SHOCKING NEWS: My Ex-husband has not even scheduled the court-ordered supervised visits!

Source : https://web.archive.org/web/20130324001018/http://staugustineinjustice.com/my-story.html

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