Objections and appeals to SA Department of Human Services decisions

It is possible to object to many of the decisions made by the Department of Human Services – Child Support if an error has been made in determining the facts or applying the law. DHS-Child Support is required to inform people of their objection rights when a decision is made. An objection is usually lodged in writing.

"Foster parents blow whistle on Families SA"

FIRST ON 7: A network of former foster parents who have had children removed from their care has blown the whistle on a crisis within Families SA.

They claim the system is unjust and destroying lives - and the Minister concedes improvements need to be made.

While they can’t be identified, the foster parents have cared for hundreds of children over decades.

They are also united in the grief of having children forcibly removed.

“She was taken from our place kicking and screaming, singing out our names,” one woman told 7News.

Another said she was given a 35-minute window to pack her clothes, and described the removal as being ‘like a tragic death’.

Some of the carers had raised the children from babies.

In each case, allegations were made and the parents felt immediately labelled guilty.

“They said we were only in it for the money, and yet we weren’t only in it for the money – we loved those kids dearly with all our hearts,” one woman said.

They said they felt bullied, and don’t have an avenue to prove their innocence.

Families SA Articles

This section is currently under construction, but is for providing information on the taking of children and their "research" methods from South Australia.

There is also legislation that our wonderul Legislator in South Australia is trying to get passed at the moment concerning the recording of interviews between Child Protection Workers and Families.

If anybody has time would they consider drafting this legislation for other state child protection acts, as it is an extremely important requirement to ensure the integrity of data between conversation and transcript to paper.