Newest lawyer discovered trafficking children for financial gain

Hume Legal - Joanna Jarasevic - picked up another easy score, that over a few months makes ten thousand dollars cash, and cashed right in.  Unfortunately this lawyer was not working for the department at the time, and had no right to deliberately tank her clients case which ultimately ended up with the kids sent to foster care till they're eighteen.  The case was simple, clear cut and the biggest point on her side, was the order for removal of the kids was not only unlawful - it was maladministration at best and corruption at worst.

The cow  should have had this case dismissed. Instead she did nothing in almost a month. Not one affidavit.  All she did was collude with the department, and used her scare tactics saying "there's heaps of evidence".  Our auditors concluded the complete opposite, and to tell her clients to "consent to establishment", was giving up the battle before it started.  She had a fantastic opportunity to put some overreaching lazy caseworkers in place and on the spot, and to save other families the same fate she sentenced this family to.  But that would have meant doing more work, and getting paid less money in the long run.  As most legal aid lawyers state "they don't get paid enough money to do affidavits".  For christ sake, how can parents defend themselves when their own solicitors roll over because it's more financially viable.

Regarding the allegations - there wasn't a thing that couldn't be explained and most of their [FACS] dribble was lies. So much, it would make your toes curl, believe me.  Fucking dirty child trafficking mutts. NB: This mutt was given enough notice that her clients were now informed of what happens when u CONSENT TO ESTABLISHMENT. They told her No. And she lied in court and said they said yes, making docs not have to even prove one of their single reprehensible lies. They make me sick. The whole lot of them.

Those parents had one window of opportunity to get their babies home, and she chose to sell their kids to the department because its financially better for her.

Take this to the cops ya grub.  Because this case is not going away and neither is what you did.

If she did the right thing then she sure as hell won't mind me telling the world. If she didn't, then she has a problem then doesn't she - and guess what??? Everybody is going to know that she sold her soul and sentenced three innocent children to a fecked life without their mummy and daddy who love them very much - all to make the full ten grand by keeping this case going.

If she did the proper thing and submitted an affidavit, disproving all the bullshit from the department, the case would have been dismissed and she probably would have only made about fourteen hundred dollars.

So that means she would lose eight thousand eight hundred dollars. Divided by three kids ... Equals $2933. So those kids lives were worth less than three thousand dollars each. Tell that to their parents and make sure you look them right in the face when you do, so they can see just how low you stooped for a bit of cash. You're a dirty mutt and if the OLSC had any balls they'd rip you straight off the care panel and place you straight behind bars because you're nothing but a dirty child-trafficking system-hoe.

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