Paedophile given custody of girl he then abused and got pregnant

Type of protection : Granting release
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A young girl who became pregnant after abuse by a convicted paedophile had been placed in his care despite authorities knowing his past, a report has revealed.

The document reveals how the girl, given the name Ruby in the report, was abused by the man over several years.

His serial attacks only came to light after she requested a termination.

Sixteen kids SAVED from alleged paedophile ring as 44 men arrested in AFP sting

Type of protection : Granting release

An alleged Australian paedophile ring has been busted wide open with men in every single state arrested over the 'abhorrent' material.

More than 40 Australian men have been charged with possessing child abuse material and sharing their material online via a cloud storage platform.

Federal police on Friday said they’d filed 350 charges in total against 44 men in every Australian state and the ACT, with 16 children removed from harm’s way.

The cloud storage platform was allegedly used by thousands of sex offenders around the world, with some alleged Australian offenders also producing their own abuse material.


Abusers job or title:: Family Court
Paedophile protected: Mathew - name concealed
Paedophile protectors court location: Leeds UK
Editors notes on paedophile protecting judge: Family court placed Ruby into the care of a non-family member who already had previous convictions for child sexual abuse.
Type of protection : na

When Ruby was 1 year old her mother began a relationship with Matthew, a registered sex offender who as a teenager, had been convicted on 4 accounts for sexual offences against young boys.

Following the breakdown of Matthew’s relationship with Ruby’s mother Mathew gained a Child Arrangement Order for Ruby and her younger half-siblings.

Abuser Name or Alias:: Mathew - name concealed
Abusers Organisation:: Family Court awarded the paedophile custody
Matter Resolved?: Yes

DPP (Cth) v McIntosh [2016] VCC 622 (19 May 2016)

Judges name: Magistrate Cohen
Judges title: Judge (female)
Judges position: Melbourne Criminal Court
Paedophile protected: alias Donald McIntosh
URL if not listed in article : http://www8.austlii.edu.au/cgi-bin/viewdoc/au/cases/vic/VCC/2016/622.html
Paedophile protectors court location: Melbourne
Type of protection : Leanient sentence

Victor - Victims of Child Trafficking-Our Responsibility - #StopTrafficking  | FacebookREASONS FOR SENTENCE

Subject: Sentencing; multiple Commonwealth and state offences; trafficking children; incest; child pornography offences using Internet; producing child pornography of nieces and own babies.

Catchwords: Pleas of guilty; issues of totality; extensive offending using Internet for child pornography; sexual offending against own nieces and filming and distributing images; surrogacy arrangement for birth of own babies intending to use them for own sexual services

Sentence: Cth: 13 years & 7 months; non-parole 8 years
State: 14 years; non-parole 7 ½ years
Total: 22 years imprisonment; non-parole period 15 ½ years

Actual charges combined for this disgusting human being should have been about a hundred years - so he could never touch another child again, however we have another paedophile sympathising magistrate - female, non other - that sung him many praises towards the end of this document. 

Obama Removed 500,000 Pedophiles From Background Check Database

Type of protection : Granting release
Obama forced FBI to remove 500,000 murderers and pedophiles from background database

Barack Obama ordered the FBI to remove over 500,000 names of potential murderers and pedophiles from the National Instant Criminal Background Check System, acting FBI director David Bowdich testified Wednesday.

Dailycaller.com reports: According to The Washington Post, the FBI considered any person with an outstanding arrest warrant to be a fugitive. On the other hand, the Bureau of Alcohol Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives defined a fugitive as someone who has an outstanding arrest warrant and has crossed state lines.

That disagreement was settled at the end of Obama’s second term, when the Justice Department’s Office of Legal Counsel sided with the ATF’s interpretation.

Judge Convicted for "Worst of the Worst" Child Porn

Abusers job or title:: Magistrate in Family Court
Judges name: Judge Brett Blomme
Judges title: Family Court Judge
Judges position: Judge
Paedophile protected: he is the paedophile
Type of protection : Granting release

Confirms Judges Should NOT Be Deciding Custody

Former Family Court Judge Brett Blomme was convicted for use and dissemination of extreme and sadistic child pornography.

The confiscated images and videos showed prepubescent children posing in lewd and lascivious positions, underage children performing sexual acts on adults, and adults sexually abusing minors as young as toddlers. Blomme also targeted children for sex online.

Former Judge Brett Blomme [left: as judge; right: in mug shot]
Former Judge Brett Blomme [left: as judge; right: in mug shot]

The Wisconsin Federal District Court judge presiding over Blomme’s trial described the images as "sadistic treatment of toddlers," "extreme victimization" of young children and "the worst of the worst" kind of porn.

Prosecutors found 27 videos and images which Blomme had shared amongst organized groups of perpetrators. These are undoubtedly just the tip of the iceberg since Blomme admitted to having a long addiction to child porn.

Every time an image of child sexual abuse is shared, it re-victimizes that child.

U.S. Attorney Timothy O’Shea


Blomme was indicted on 7 counts of distributing child pornography and was facing 175 years in prison and a $700,000 fine. But, not surprisingly, he received a super-sweetheart plea deal. He was sentenced to just 9 years in prison and a $5000 fine. And he likely will get out early.

Abuser Name or Alias:: Various child victims
Matter Resolved?: Ongoing

Minister calls for review into Children's Guardian over claims of kids at risk

Type of protection : Granting release

NSW MPs have been flooded with dozens of letters believed to be coming from within the Office of the Children's Guardian containing dire warnings over child protection. 

The government body charged with child protection in NSW is placing children at unacceptable and even fatal risk, according to a group of whistle blowers within the Office of the Children's Guardian.

In a series of letters sent to state ministers and opposition MPs over the past six weeks, a range of alarming allegations have been made against the Children's Guardian Janet Schorer and her director overseeing the office's Working With Children Check, Steve Gholab.

The Queensland government paid child-sex predator Bob Montgomery to help 'protect' children

Bob Montgomery was jailed in 2020 for multiple child sexual assaults.

A celebrity psychologist now in jail for child sex offences was hired by the Queensland Government for years to assess the risk of paedophiles to children in its care.

ABC's Background Briefing has revealed Bob Montgomery was commissioned by Queensland's Department of Child Safety as an expert psychologist more than 20 times before he was jailed last year for raping boys in the 1960s.

A former child protection worker said case managers did not want to use Montgomery because "his reports always returned a 'low risk' to children", but he was one of the few experts in the field.

Documents obtained by the ABC under Right to Information laws show the one-time Big Brother psychologist charged up to $5,000 a report, receiving almost $70,000 from the department between 2009 and 2016.

Max*, who was raped by Montgomery at the age of 13, said it was "a hell of a lot of money paid by the government to this fellow who was actually living an incredible lie and deceiving everyone".

'Max' was raped by convicted sex predator Bob Montgomery at the age of 13.

An improbable rise

A Background Briefing investigation has traced Montgomery's improbable rise from undetected serial predator and psychiatric patient to one of Australia's most influential psychologists and a go-to expert for authorities on sex offenders.

"I'm perplexed as to how he, with any degree of conscience, could navigate his way through that career and deceive so many people along the way," Max said.

"It's absurd that someone should even contemplate doing that and thinking they could get away with it."

Background Briefing has also found Montgomery was recruited to head up Bond University's psychology department in 1994 by another high-profile academic who was later jailed for child sex offences, the criminologist Paul Wilson.

Montgomery was also president of the Australian Psychological Society (APS) and a Family Court-appointed expert in custody disputes involving child sex abuse claims.

A prolific media commentator who once boasted to a newspaper "my IQ is actually beyond measure", Montgomery appeared on TV shows including Big Brother, the Biggest Loser, the 7.30 Report and the Don Lane Show.

He is also the brother of James Alwyn Montgomery, a fraudster, bigamist and military impostor. By examining James' history, a psychiatrist in the US found him to have strong psychopathic traits.

Psychiatrist Warwick Middleton, one of the world's leading experts on trauma who has treated victims of high-profile Australian abusers, told Background Briefing that Bob Montgomery could also be a psychopath.

"Everything that is on the public record is not inconsistent with somebody who has significant psychopathy and who seemingly is fairly narcissistic," Dr Middleton said.

"He seems to take an inordinate sort of pleasure in his achievements and prominence."

Dr Warwick Middleton said Bob Montgomery could be a psychopath. (ABC News: Tracey Shelton)

Reports 'always returned a low risk'

Montgomery was used as a report writer and expert witness by child protection workers in Brisbane, Logan, the Sunshine Coast, Ipswich and Toowoomba.

Speaking on condition of anonymity, one former child protection worker said that she was "shocked" to learn of Montgomery's historical child sex offences, but at the same time she was also "not surprised".

"Because his reports always returned a 'low risk' to children, it became questionable," she said.

"We just didn't want to use him. But he was the only one that we knew of that completed risk assessments on offenders that had been convicted of crimes against children.

"Sometimes, the feedback from team leaders was, 'That's all we've got to use', or 'Don't even bother with that family because it's going to come back low risk anyway'."

While his reports "didn't change the outcome in court … it made our job harder" when pressing for conditions around offenders' contact with children, she said.

A spokeswoman for the state Department of Children, Youth Justice and Multicultural Affairs said Montgomery was used as a report writer "prior to the establishment" of its in-house legal unit.

"In making its decisions on child protection cases, the department relies on a range of evidence – Mr Montgomery's reports were but one piece of the evidence considered," the spokeswoman said.

Justin Dowd, a former New South Wales Law Society president and one of Australia's most experienced family lawyers, said "the fact [Montgomery] was involved in so many cases specifically involving care of children is enormously disturbing".

He said Montgomery was given "special recognition as somebody who can make recommendations to the court about what's in the best interests of children".

"It is a role that courts rely on heavily, so to have somebody in that position who has their own secret agenda is very disturbing indeed."

'I felt I had to be compliant'

Max was sexually assaulted by Montgomery, then his 22-year-old Sydney Catholic school teacher, while on a camping trip in 1966.

He said it took half a century before he learned there were other victims.

He told no one about the abuse at the time.

"It was painful, uncomfortable. I felt I had to just do what he said because he was my adult friend, an authority figure. I felt I had to be compliant and didn't know any better," Max said.

Three years earlier, Montgomery raped another 13-year-old boy in his care as a Scouts leader, but this also went unreported to police.

But Scouts NSW terminated Montgomery's membership in June 1965 after concerns were raised by parents about his behaviour with other children.

Scouts NSW said in a 2019 statement it cooperated with the recent investigation over several years and gave police as much information as possible.

After he was kicked out of Scouts in June 1965, Montgomery entered a Sydney psychiatric facility for treatment.

Months later, with nothing on his record to show what he'd done, he landed a job at Max's school.

Max said Montgomery's grooming of him included showing him a research lab with caged mice at the University of Sydney where Montgomery was studying psychology.

Max said years later others discouraged him from pursuing charges against Montgomery "due to the fact that it will be just too hard, he's too powerful, he's got too many rich or powerful or influential friends and I'd be outgunned".

'Max', at about 13 years of age. He says it's absurd Montgomery was able to get away with his deception. (Supplied)

But in 2016 he gave evidence to the Royal Commission into child sex abuse, which led to a phone call from a NSW detective.

When he learned during the police investigation that there was another man alleging rape by Montgomery, Max said his shock gave way to "relief — they can't not believe me".

"There were other victims out there but just a few that were prepared to stand up [in court]," he said.

Montgomery denied the offences when he was arrested in 2019.

But last year he pleaded guilty to eight charges involving four victims, including two counts of buggery – the only charge applicable at the time – and five counts of indecent assault.

'The perfect con'

On December 7, 2020, Montgomery was sentenced to four years' jail in the NSW District Court.

Police braced for more victims in the wake of publicity around the court case but none have come forward.

Montgomery's wife Laurel Morris said he had confessed to the family about his offending before his arrest but "spent his whole life trying to make good".

She said it wasn't fair to suggest "somebody who's done something wrong when they were young, that they've never changed". She added she didn't believe it would make somebody's work biased.

A psychological report commissioned by Montgomery's lawyers said there was no evidence of psychopathy and that Montgomery was remorseful.

Dr Middleton said a diagnosis for psychopathy — a partly-genetic form of anti-social behaviour which "in simple terms [means] a person who has no conscience" — would require a proper, lengthy assessment. 

But the facts of Montgomery's offending against his extensive public "pronouncements" suggested someone who could be a psychopath, he said.

"Not a lot of humility coming across is what I'm picking up … Bob Montgomery's life was just one giant lie," he said.

Dr Middleton said Montgomery's professional status was "the perfect con".

"When you're overly sympathetic to sex offenders under the guise of being an expert, you're also rationalising your own behaviour," he said.

Dr Middleton said it was unusual for an offender with multiple victims like Montgomery to "suddenly shut down [after] moving up to severe trauma, anal rape and things of that nature by the time he was in his early 20s".

He said he thought the coincidence of Montgomery working alongside Wilson was "a bit incredible".

"One of the things I've noticed over the years is the propensity for child sex offenders to find other child sex offenders. It's almost like they have greeting cards somehow," he said.

A Bond University spokesman said: "While Bob Montgomery left the university two decades ago, we are deeply disturbed and concerned that a man who operated under the pretence of being a person entrusted to help survivors, had actually been a perpetrator of serious crimes.

"We extend our deepest and most heartfelt sympathies to the survivors."

The Australian Psychological Society declined an interview request with the ABC. 

*Name has been changed

Source : https://amp.abc.net.au/article/100272888

Catholic church shields $2 billion in assets to limit abuse payouts

Type of protection : Granting release

Catholic church: we may have to declare bankruptcy. Financial or ...Dioceses are aggressively moving and reclassifying holdings to shrink the value of their bankruptcy estates.

For most of the 20th century, the Catholic Church in the U.S. minimized the damage wrought by pedophile priests by covering up the abuse. When the bishop of the Davenport, Iowa, diocese was told in the mid-1950s that one of his priests was sexually abusing boys at a local YMCA, he kept it secret. “It is consoling to know that no general notoriety has arisen, and I pray none may result,” he wrote to a priest, capturing the strategy of the era.

Cover-ups worked when victims and their families could be intimidated or shamed into silence. But in the 1980s and ’90s, victims started filing civil lawsuits against the dioceses where the alleged incidents took place. Church leaders across the country kept these suits quiet by settling out of court and demanding nondisclosure agreements in return. Church leaders paid out about $750 million from the early ’80s through 2002, according to BishopAccountability.org, a nonprofit that tracks clergy sex abuse.

The veil of secrecy on these transactions was pierced when the Boston Globe published its investigations into church sex abuse in 2002, sparking public outrage at how clergy had protected their own. From 1950 to 2002, 4,392 priests were accused of abuse, according to a study by John Jay College of Criminal Justice.

'We can't prove sex with children does them harm' says Labour-linked NCCL

Type of protection : Granting release
Cardinal Pell verdict splashed across major Australian newspapersEVIDENCE has emerged that the views of the Paedophile Information Exchange influenced policy-making at the National Council for Civil Liberties when it was run by former Labour Health Secretary Patricia Hewitt.

Harriet Harman slams "smear campaign" against her in PIE case

PIE members were lobbying NCCL officials for the age of consent to be reduced and campaigning for “paedophile love”.

Their view that children were not harmed by having sex with adults appears to have been adopted by those at the top of the civil liberties group.

Today we publish extracts from an NCCL report written for the Criminal Law Revision Committee in 1976 when Mrs Hewitt was general secretary.

Inquiry into prosecution of Pell should follow High Court ruling

Type of protection : Granting release
plain vanilla crimes... | Your DemocracyThe allegations of sexual abuse against Cardinal Pell were investigated by the Victorian Police, in particular by Taskforce SANO. This note gathers together some pertinent questions. In the wake of the Carl Beech case in the UK Sir Richard Henriques was asked to report on Operation Midland,[i] and I would urge that something of the order of a judge led inquiry is needed to understand Operation Tethering. This somewhat disordered list is written in the hope that one day we may get a comprehensive insight into what was going on.

1. Tethering. We begin with this get Pell operation (Robert Richter), or as Paul Sheridan termed it, the Intel Probe, set up in 2013.[ii] Clearly, that was before R had died (in 2014) and J had complained (in 2015). Apparently, it was the inspiration of Michael Dwyer.[iii] How did it come about? Here we would point out the association with Byline (Lucie Morris Marrs platform) and Exaro News who were so heavily involved in the Carl Beech case.[iv]

In our opinion, the Pell affair has been haunted by the ghost of Southwell,[v] the allegations of 2002 forming the remote conditions for the campaign against Pell. We would surmise, however, that the Beech case formed the more proximate conditions. In the wake of the lurid stories from Westminster it might have seemed that the time was ripe to pay Pell another visit. Just as the revelations about celebrity Jimmy Savile created a climate in which the bizarre allegations of Beech were deemed credible and true, so the abuses in Ballarat set the conditions for Dwyers hunch.

George Pell accuser dies before case gets to court

Type of protection : Granting release

Australian Catholic Cardinal Centre of Child Sexual Abuse Scandal ...One of the men who had accused Cardinal George Pell of sex offences has died, bringing into question whether some of the charges against Australia’s most senior Catholic can be heard in court.

Damian Dignan, who accused Cardinal George Pell of historic sex offences, died in Victoria on Saturday after a long illness.

The allegations of Mr Dignan prompted Victoria Police to reveal Cardinal Pell was under investigation by Taskforce Sano, investigating claims of sex abuse within Victorian churches.

Crown prosecutors pursuing a case against Cardinal Pell could consider changing the structure of their case and the way charges are grouped following Mr Dignan’s death, according to a top Victorian barrister.

“It’s not an unreasonable quote to say that prosecutors could have a more difficult task now, yes,” ­former chief Victorian magistrate and crown prosecutor Nicholas Papas told The Australian.

“Normally it requires that the person who has given evidence to be there, and so normally it would be the case that without them there, the prosecution can’t proceed ... but you can’t be absolutely sure.”