"DoCS Gosford send Non-Autistic boy to Autistic School at Terrigal"

DoCS Gosford, Catherine Thraves and Co., have just recently enrolled a young boy, who DOES NOT HAVE AUTISM, into Aspect Central Coast - a school for children with autism at Terrigal.

You see, after stealing the child at a young age (for the second time), after the mother won restoration in District Court, they placed the young boy in a foster home of at least eight children.  Most of them have autism or some other intellectual disability.

This boy, is the youngest of eight children, and now as he is (obviously) mimmicking the behaviours of the older intellectually disabled children, DoCS Gosford have decided that he has autism and shall go to an autism school too.

What most people fail to see, is that the carers get around $500 per fortnight more, minimum, to have children with a disability in their care.  So of course, to have this innocent boy as assessed as having autism makes "good $en$e" now, doesn't it.

Welcome to Gosford Family and Community Services

Lindsay McVaney Plush, you certainly look very enticing, though not so sure your outfit portrays the kind of caseworker we as the public would like to have in charge of the lives of our children. This docs worker is based at Gosford and see's to it that children and their parents are never reunited, in fact her and her colleagues will use their crown solicitor and your tax payers dollars to argue away your basic human rights.  Don't you Lindsay?

Michelle England, fantastic crown solicitor, atrocious child protection solicitor, successfully argued in court a few months ago that a grandmother was not an appropriate person to be having contact with her grandson because she exercised her article 19 rights under the convention of civil and political rights to freedom of expression.  Lindsay doesn't like how people gather at AltNews and Alecomm for support in this downtrodden child trafficking system and took the rights of the boy to have regular contact with his grandmother and now gives the grandmother 3 visits of 1 hour per year.