We really need to get control freaks out of our government.

We really need to get control freaks out of our government. They're supposed to be public servants not Lords and masters. As someone who has suffered the irrational and corrupt way that child services deals with innocent parents I can say with confidence that unless your child is being starved, beaten, hog tied and kept in a dungeon they are better off with you than our crooked child agencies.

The insight I got into their true agenda when my son developed type 1 diabetes in DCP custody will stay with me always. Did you know diabetes type 1 is a very expensive time consuming disease that is fatal if you don't take the utmost care with everything your child does, eats and drinks?

Inside a month with nothing in my life changing at all I went from a neglectful abusive monster who should never be allowed to raise what were perfectly healthy children to mother of the year and the only person capable of ensuring my son would survive and thrive into adulthood.

The only thing that really changed was how much time and money my autistic now diabetic son was going to cost them. They couldn't very well give me back a fragile diabetic and keep my daughter so I got her back also. I got handed their files and they walked out of our lives within 6months.

They're crooks.

They're not caring for our children.

They're using them to perpetuate the need for their entire industry.

They'd all be out of a job if they only went after actual abused children. If they actually did any good at all the need for them would cease to exist. The fact that more and more children are being taken is actually proof they're not helping they're actually making it worse.

Control freaks that need to butt out of parenthood and leave it to the people who actually love their own kids and care about what happens to them after they turn 18 as well as through their childhood.

The amount of kids who actually need saving is negligible compared to the numbers they stuff into group and foster homes and should be handled by family and trained mediators if family fails.

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