"Is John Meehan accusing Alecomm of being a terrorist organisation ?"

Seriously!  This old tyrant looks like he belongs in a bike club not on representing innocent children.  John's latest stunt is to accuse mothers in children's court of writing articles for Alecomm, or at minimum, being associated with us.

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 Last time we checked, Alecomm is not listed on the Terrorist register, or the Criminal Gangs.  Maybe this guys is getting a little feeble in his old age and mistaking his own actions for others.

After all, the definition of domestic trafficking by the Australian Federal Police fits well into this mans job description.  He receives payment for removing children, or at least conspiring to remove them.  (aka accomplice).  He moves children to other parties who are not the lawful carer of those children and works to have them placed with other people who financially profit from having these children.

More to come on this article ...

Question : Why is the mother you are bullying now smiling at you?

Question : Why does John Meehan continue to tantrum the courts that articles written about unidentified children is illegal when he knows this is untrue?

Question : Is John Meehan going to add this article into another affidavit - breaching the Information Privacy Acts and follow the downhill fall of other criminal lawyer Dianne Foster? 

Question : How many years jail is it for breaching the privacy acts and using information of another person, without informing them, and transferring it to another government authority? 

GO HARD JOHN!  Because we are.

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