"Dennis Chapman attacks CAP members supporting parents in Children's Court"

Tas Ombudsman Report Excerpts a1de6Whatever you do when entering the Children's Courts - if you are applying for Legal Aid - make sure you specify that under no circumstances will you accept this poor excuse for a solicitor to represent you.  You might as well go into court yourself. 

CAP Support Group (Children and Parents) turned up as support for a mother who had her baby removed.

CAP has never been affiliated with ALECOMM, and to be honest, the groups work entirely different arena's - the only commonality between the organisations', is the fact that they both deal with the corruption instilled deep within Child Protection.

Officers at the Australian Legislative Ethics Commission generally deal with the administrative side of the operations of child protection (amongst other departments), and CAP is a support group that provides personal and group support for parents dealing with child protection.  Whilst ALECOMM does provide a great deal of support to our clients, this is not our only activity.

We are working extremely hard to assist our clients by means of any open avenues purported as viable, in order to assist our clients both short and long term, and work to effect changes necessary to prevent the difficulties that arise when dealing with NSW Child Protection and it's agencies. 

Whilst this rogue (government paid) solicitor may be suffering a little paranoia - not everybody is affiliated with ALECOMM - and if Dennis Chapman has an issue with truthful articles written about him - then he may, by all means, contact the staff at ALECOMM and put his side of the story forward regarding matters that have come to our attention.

What Dennis Chapman allegedly did today at Woy Woy Children's Court - was told CAP representative Aron McMaster, that if he had his (Dennis Chapman) name removed from the Name and Shame Registers (Preliminary DoCS Complaints Registers) at ALECOMM, that he could appear in court as a support person for the mother - whom was just about to have her child removed by the department.  Something the department informed the family of a few days prior to even the judge handing down his decision.

Unfortunately, CAP is not affiliated with ALECOMM, though we at ALECOMM fully support the work of the group at CAP, this group does not have the remote possibility of removing names from registers - it just is not as simple as that.    The registers at ALECOMM are based on the same principles that Risk of Harm notification systems within child protection departments are.  They are no different.  They allow anonymous reporting on people and cases - and you must provide the information in "good faith'.  The information is then used to assist parents and children about child protection workers and agents that they may come in contact with.

And the staff at ALECOMM deem it very appropriate (a public interest) that the public should know exactly what solicitors and child protection staff, and judicial officers are doing - that is either illegal or unlawful, or immoral or unethical.  Whether or not the designated "authority departments" are or are not providing appropriate oversight and keeping those departments in line - we are trying to - with the only means we know how - because at this present time no authoriity is either interested in investigating or ensuring that any of the authorities that we deal with are doing the right thing.  There is no accountability whatsoever.

Only difference is we at least provide the opportunity for the other party to have their say - and we research the facts around the matter prior to publishing.  Something child protection rarely does prior to removing a child.  This is common practice in almost every single child removal case - and it is AGAINST THE LAW.  It is also well documented, even by the NSW Law Society.

People are being kept unlawfully imprisoned in "Residential Facilities", children and newborn babies are removed without any evidence of abuse being proven, and breaches of every act are either written of as "administrative oversights", or just plain lied about altogether.

In fact, in oversight authorities are doing such a poor job at the moment, the only reason we can see they exist - is to at least pretend to keep more people in jobs, that would otherwise be on the dole.  And believe me some of them shouldn't be on the dole - they should be in jail.

As for you Dennis Chapman, it would appear that not only do you have our organisation after your license - you now have another half a dozen people - who have seen you in action - determined to put you out of a job.  Those people have our full support - as does CAP. 

Last week another CAP member was tossed from the courtroom by the magistrate, because he stated "she was affiliated with Luke's Army", another group working against corrupt child protection practises.  Clearly you can see from this episode that the corruptions goes all the up the ladder to the judicial system also. Last time we checked, CAP / Lukes Army and Alecomm members were not listed under the Terrorist Organisations or Bikie Gangs groups.

Dennis Chapman is well known for his dropping clients the day of their Supreme Court hearings, refusing to hand over client files to new solicitors, appealing parents cases in children's courts - where the parents have already won their case, and even harassing former disabled clients in their home towns.  Multiple complaints have been filed with the NSW OLSC regarding this mans behaviour, unfortunately the OLSC is funded by solicitors and they prefer not to bite the hand that feeds them.


#2 Dennis Chapman attacks CAP members supporting parents in Children's CourtGuest 2014-02-28 11:14
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+1 #1 Childrens AdvocateGuest 2013-11-04 21:12
Day in day out DoCS caseworkers are ignoring the findings and recommendations of Magistrates who are presented with no evidence of Risk of Harm to children. Why are the courts and tax payers funds being used and abused this way by Child Protection , if they can override the findings and handing down of the court and Steal the Child .. and why are the Magistrates allowing this to happen. There is something deeply sinister going on within this unethical and immoral Department. As for the blackmailing Lawyer who approaches support groups for favours in order to get his shitty character reference off the Name & Shame files here ... well phew ..he's not worth a pinch of salt is he.

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