Magistrate Carney devastating Sydney families

Asshole Judge Carney --- Chewed too many pens - got ink poisoning maybe ?? Cant think straight??Six weeks after DoCS took baby "Doc" into "care", they're still breaking every law possible and getting away with it.  Isn't it wonderful to have a judge in your pocket.

Magistrate Carney seems only too happy to adjourn this newborns life another three months and into the new year to allow DoCS to entertain the court some more with their shenanigans.

Magistrate Carney may have transpired from the Roads and Traffic Committee, but one would think that before she be allowed to make decisions regarding the life of children, imparticular newborns, that she be knowledgeable on time limits imposed in matters relating to Children's Courts.

Whether she knows or just doesn't care is irrelevant, because the damage being done to newborn children, whom she happily boasts about "taking three babies per week", is not only unforgivable, it is unlawful.

Two weeks is the maximum that courts may be adjourned for when it comes to proceedings of children (newborn), and this is to ensure that he best interest of the child is looked after - and not the solicitors who's businesses thrive off adjournments, mentions and evidentiary hearings.

Magistrate Carney isn't the only magistrate allowing blatant breaches of the law to continue in the worst interest of children, many magistrates do this as it helps the department build its case and ultimately allows them more time to continue to put more rubbish in their affidavits, enough to which most of the time confuses the judge enough to believe that what they are claiming is credible, and to make it impossible for the parents to contest each and every lie they put through.

Affidavit writing and creative story telling needs to stop. This is in the best interest of the child. No more Stephen Spielberg stories that nobody can keep up with, just stating exactly what the issue is and what has to be done for the issue to go away, and them too.

There should be no Children's Court "mentions" and adjournments. If the department doesn't have enough evidence to bring the matter to court, then the case must be dismissed in the interest of everybody.

And if you're going to remove a newborn baby, and they know well in advance that they are going to do this, then DoCS MUST have all their "i's" dotted and their "t's" crossed.

Magistrate Carney and rogue departmental staff are what is responsible for ruining thousands of families and children's lives. Its about time for changes to be implemented in the best interest of the child, not the lawyers and anybody who profits from a family's misery.


#5 Magistrate Carney Wreacking Havoc on Innocent Families in Sydneys South West.Guest 2014-02-25 11:46
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-1 #4 State Forced AdoptionsJusticeForChildren 2012-10-01 00:23
Yet another State Forced Adoption and yet another Family terrorised by
State & Church.
+1 #3 Little DocChildrens Advocate 2012-09-29 12:34
Have just been notified of Little Doc's court abuses. Posters are now being printed up to distribute outside the Children's Courts in NSW. There is also a protest being organised outside Parliament House NSW on behalf of Little Doc's abuses by the Childrens Court Magistrate Carney and FACS staff. To OccupyDOCSNSW don't waste time waiting on Pru Goward to move on this one...she's in it up to her neck.
+3 #2 New borns and Intellectual Disabilitydi 2012-09-29 07:20
Its not only new borns that are stolen from loving and defencless parent its also the INTELLCTUAL DISABILITY KIDS That are getting trapped in the system and mot having the cgance to get a prooer education to learn to read and write. do that they can know what theur RIGHTS ARE. ETC.So they have a chance to have a life with their natural family... insread of being brain washed....... IT MAKES ME SO ANGRY
+3 #1 Stolen New Born Babes ensure 18 years of funding to the middle and upper class of NSWOccupyDoCSNSW 2012-09-29 06:40
These inhumane and criminal actions by these so call Child Protection profressionals are being condoned by the Minister Pru Goward, The Premier O'FFarell and all others involved on behalf of the Child Trafficking monetary bonanza all these people are enjoying through thier pay packets, fees, and ladder climbing careers.

From what i've heard CATHOLICCARE are involved in victimised family's case...SAY NO MORE.

The mother of this new born baby has been maliciously attacked in most inhuman manner possible by our Government.

This case should be aired , shared and all those involved condemned by every Australian citizen.

This New Born Baby who was put on a HIT LIST to be STOLEN well before its birth is being condemned into a life spent in the Foster Mills of NSW for the profit circles of so many lecherous parasites within the rotten to the core system it has become.

This New Born Baby has been earmarked for a sentence of 18 years as a DoCS prisoner and his loving parents condemned to a life of trauma and despair.

This Child's freedom and human rights must be fought for on every level.

DoCS NSW is destroying the lives of thousands of innocent children and thier families on a daily basis right across the State of NSW.

If Pru Goward will not step in and assist in releasing this new born child from this treacherous system, then the people of NSW will.

We will be taking Little Docs case to the streets.
In order for this inhumane, callous and chillingly cold, hostile and toxic Dpt to put a STOP to it's campaign on stealing New Born Baby's from a HIT LIST

If anyone would like to join Little DoCS Freedom Movement please leave your details with the Alecomm admin.

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