"Crown solicitor for DoCS, Michelle England caught breaking the law again!"

Congratulations Michelle England for being today's winner on Sydney Lawyers Asshole of the Day!  You have been nominated several times for the award, and after a fantastic performance in the Supreme Court last week, you have won this amazing opportunity!

First of all, we would like to tell you a little bit about our contestant Michelle.  She successfully argued her matter first in the Supreme Court in Sydney before Judge Balls as the Respondent.  A fantastic win, and she almost won another case also in the Supreme Court that wasn't even being argued that day!  Talk about saving the tax-payers money Michelle, what a fine legal example you are.

Then [she] successfully won a case against a grandmother fighting to have contact with her grandchild in the care of the "System", after being allowed to argue that the grandmother - who is also in a wheelchair - was not a suitable person to be having contact with her grandchild because she attended a protest.  Great going Michelle, you're certainly setting the style for ethical legal arguments in the NSW Courts.

 Michelle also used the fact of unrelated matter to sway the judges decision, and if the independent children's representative, Stephen Marks had have gotten off his fat lazy arse to attend the hearing, we're quite sure would have objected to the statements altogether as any professional child's representative would have.   Stephen Marks, the child's solicitor who couldn't be bothered attending, didn't think it was appropriate to argue against the Respondent Michelle England, and put his foot down, to enable the young child to be able to spend time with his real family around his birthday.  He probably only didn't put his foot down because he hasn't seen it in the past ten years anyway.

And last but not least, this woman, actually argued on behalf of another party (not actually in the proceedings), and literally blackmailed your honour by being allowed to show an email that a foster carer had written regarding the child having contact with his real family for his birthday.  The email wrote (words to the effect), "If I have to let the child spend time with his family for his birthday I will relinquish care of the child!".  Did this win the case?  You bet it did.

So enough introduction for this lady, need we say anymore.  Crowns Solicitor Michelle England you really do get to have the last laugh, don't you. You get to virtually instruct the magistrates.  You get to go first even though you are the respondent in the proceedings, which was an appeal to a decision already made in which the child was to see his real family for his birthday. Isn't it great that Department of Community Services Officers Katie Thraves absolutely loves being able to throw away your hard earned tax paying dollars to keep you in a job?

God Bless the Australian government for having a completely unlimited warchest for Department of Community Services officers who don't want to play fair.


#1 Michelle England Come On Down, You're the New Contestant on "How Fast Can I Lose My Solicitors License!"Guest 2015-02-24 05:27
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