Mum faces jail if she refuses to write to ex who slit her throat

Abused.  Natalie Allman has been told she must write to her abusive ex-fiance Credit: SWNS

A mum-of-two who was the victim of domestic abuse has said she has been told she could face jail if she refuses to write to the ex-fiance who slit her throat.

Natalie Allman, 29, has reportedly been ordered by a judge to send letters three times a year to former lover Jason Hughes, even though he is currently serving time in prison after he abused her for seven hours in front of their twin sons.

Allman told The Sunday People today that under custody laws she must send updates of the couple's five-year-old sons, along with photos, or face contempt of court.

She told the paper: “I feel betrayed that after everything he did his rights mean more than mine – more than my children’s.“We are the victims, not him. I thought he was going to kill me that night for no reason and my boys saw that. They were terrified."

Hughes is currently serving nine years in prison after being found guilty of malicious wounding with intent to cause grievous bodily harm after repeatedly punching Ms Allman in the face with weights and then slitting her throat in 2012. 

(Source : http://www.itv.com/news/2015-02-15/mum-faces-jail-if-she-refuses-to-write-to-ex-who-slit-her-throat/)

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