"Coffs Harbour Family Courts, ICLs and Court Reporters - Coincidental Stuff Ups or Collusion on a Big Scale?"

If you are lucky enough, and female, to get Judge Jarret - don't bother going to court!  Just run.  Pack up the family at the first sign of issues or court paperwork, and get the hell out of there.

This magistrate a few years ago sent a beautiful young girl to live with her father - after she disclosed to her mother what her daddy had been doing --- dont think this is a case of mother punishing father by lying - the mother and father had already split and the mother already gave the father liberal contact.

After taking the matter to the police and reporting it, the young girl - was taken to Bravehearts for counselling - in which she did disclose and is now documented, her sexual abuse by her father.  The young girl was said to be doing well.  She had not seen her father in over twelve months, the nightmares were stopping, though the police still hadn't investigated the matter enough to file charges.

Not long after the father filed for contact with the child.  Naturally the mother disagreed.  As any decent mother would do.

Guess what!  Jarret decided that the mother was alienating the sexual offending child molesting father -- and sent the child to live with her abuser.  The child was denied seeing her mother for near on twelve months and the child still only sees the mother adhoc.

Tell me that childs life isn't destroyed!  Well Done Jarret, you dirty old paedophile.  Nearly thirty women in the Northern NSW area have similar stories like this one --- This man belongs behind a chair alright, with steel bars in front of him.

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