Sydney Magistrate Terrence Murphy blames mother for child being sexually assaulted in care

Sydney Magistrate Terrence Murphy has recently handed down a decision in the Supreme Court of NSW, where he has dispicabbly blamed a mother for her daughter being sexually assaulted.  He has used this as an excuse to side with the Department of Community Services Campbelltown Office in stating that the newborn baby of this mother belongs in care - because the mother failed to protect her other child.

It is routinely common these days for DoCS caseworkers to blame mothers for being victims of domestic violence and use this as the reason for removing their children.  Little do they know that some of these children are turning suicidal because they have been taken away from the only family that they have ever known, and the mother who has loved and protected them their whole lives.

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+1 #2 RE: Sydney Magistrate Terrence Murphy blames mother for child being sexually assaulted in careMark McMurtrie 2012-12-17 07:02
The reason the magistrates do this is because they need to feed the DoCS pedophile ring with children to be devoured by the sick scum that thrive around the edge of the DoCS table.....some directly from the center too.

I hope the upcoming Royal Commission into pedophilia does not restrict investigation of the Courts, parliaments and other statutory entities KNOWN to be involved.
+2 #1 MsRelentless 2012-12-11 16:35
That's right. They are simply MAGISTRATES in the Childrens' Court..."your Honour"...my foot!!! There are only but a few "decent" ones with any insight...In a way I also feel sorry for some of the Legal Repos who have to put up with what thy can see as "where did that come from"?...and "he/she's MEAN".

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