"Dennis Chapman. Solicitor at Gosford on the Central Coast in NSW, you must be so proud of yourself"

This legal flop came to the attention of Alecomm a month or two ago after he pulled the pin on the representation of his client --- the morning of that clients day in Supreme Court.  How totally dispicable.  He did this saying he was under orders by his barrister, but last time i checked, you, Dennis Chapman, take orders from your client.  So what happened?  Didn't you have the cohuna's to actually deal with the case once the poor victim mother finally got past the pathetic childrens courts and into the supreme?


Are you so used to sitting on your fat arse and getting paid your legal aid dosh for doing nothing that you can't actually remember how to defend an innocent woman and child anymore???  Shame on you.

Not only that, this Dennis Chapman is absolutely refusing to hand over all the paperwork relating to the matter to the mother, and her next Supreme Court case is next week.  He is sayng that he has every right to hold onto the information for seven years.  What the fuck do you want that information for Dennis, apart from to screw your ex-client just that little bit more by fucking her next court case???

Alecomm's recommendations about this solicitor is stay as far away from his as possible.  Even after he lets you down he will still try and interfere and ruin your life that little bit more.  And for those of you who aren't sure of the in's and outs of this case, its another Department of Child Trafficking Services, I mean Community Services, punishing a child who's mother was beaten by his father.  In lamens terms instead of DOCs and the police getting of their lazy arses and doing something about the perpetrator of the crimes, DOCs just re-victimise the woman and take her kids instead.

We do live in a charming world, don't we???

* Alecomm will take this notice down upon the mother receiving the documents this week.  Should the documents arrive thereafter, this article will be a permanent fixture on alecomms walls of shame.  Your choice Dennis and the solution is simple - hand over the file!


+2 #2 Please Contact UsAlecomm Staff 2012-11-26 12:53
Wow Hayley! Sounds like this guy really did work for you :-) Maybe you would like to contact us and give us a more indepth idea of how he did this so we can make sure our records actively reflect his work ethics that to date have been recorded as appauling.

As for getting your son back "within a few weeks" REALLY :o because DoCS consider that taking twelve months to return a child is exceptionally quick! Maybe your facts aren't entirely correct???
-1 #1 ChapmanHayley 2012-11-21 12:51
You people have got to be kidding he is the best around not only that he will fight for what is right alway trust me I no this he got my son bak for me in just a few week you people have a hide a real hide he is a good man and I no he would only be doing what is right for the child u people need to grow up

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