Magistrate Stella Struthridge violating Oath of Office

Former lawyer Stella Struthridge has been a magistrate in the Victorian Courts for some three years now.  Common sense tells us that no lawyer is trustworthy, hence they would make an even more dishonest judge, but common government continues to promote these people regardless.

Today in court, Struthridge reached an all new low, when for the second time, she dismissed an application for Personal Violence Intervention Order, after a DHS worker, Heather Podesta, of Albury / Wodonga DHS assaulted a client in front of multiple witnesses.

The second application by the victim has come with witnesses to the assault - yet Struthridge has refused to even hear the application before setting aside a verdict.

Struthridge has stated that under Section 11 of DHS worker guidelines, that caseworker Heather Podesta is protected by immunity from prosecution when she assaults a DHS client.

Witnesses to the assault are horrified by the dismissal of the application by Struthridge, and more people now than ever are in fear of DHS workers being allowed to take matters into their own hands, and  so blatantly taking children and assaulting parents without cause.

Stella Struthridge - Shame on You.  However, what else can you expect from a former lawyer.


+2 #1 callum's mumGuest 2013-05-13 22:19
im the one being spoken about it this story the innocent mum & child who got assaulted by a ALCOHOLIC DEPARTMENT MANAGER (HEATHER PODESTA) FROM WODONGA CHILD SNATCHERS OFFICE. yet as i'm still fighting to protect a scarred abused n neglected 3yr old cheeky little boy here once again im being dragged back to court for a assault that happened almost a year ago. this inhumane manager is still trying to get me charged for assault where there were multiple witnesses all this happened BECAUSE I WANTED A HAIRCUT FOR HIM AS HIS HAIR WAS LIKE A MOP N AFFECTED HIM BY NOT ONLY RASHES RELATED TO ECZEMA BUT ALSO FEVERS & HEADACHES. Like most parents u try n work with these mongrels it gets nowhere. I WILL DEAL WITH THIS INHUMANE COW N SHE WILL PAY FOR WHAT SHE DID

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