"How Do We Get Rid of Corrupt Judges and Magistrates"

.. So if we start petitioning a decent councillor to put forward the motion on a couple of crappy judges with some good hard evidence, and there is a lot of it floating around, we may just be able to get the Parliamentarians to "pray" for such removal.  What I am wondering though is why in bloody hell do they have to "pray" and not just stand up and say "I" or something.  Can you imagine the whole of parliament really sitting there praying, i mean seriously.  And what about the islamic parliamentarians, will we have to provide blankets so they can get down on their hands and knees to do it also?
Commonwealth of Australia Constitution Act

72  Judges’ Appointment, Tenure, and Remuneration

                   The Justices of the High Court and of the other courts created by the Parliament:

                      (i)  shall be appointed by the Governor General in Council;

                      (ii)  shall not be removed except by the Governor? General in Council, on an address from both Houses of the Parliament in the same session, praying for such removal on the ground of proved misbehaviour or incapacity;


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