Magistrates can be Mad but Mothers can’t be Mothers

mad judgeIf the Family Law system via the Federal Magistrates Court can apply extensive understanding, compassion and opportunities for natural justice and appeal to its employees (e.g. Magistrate Joe Harman) – why can’t its clients be given the same allowances?

Justice for Children is particularly concerned about the belittling, bullying and plain inhumane treatment parents (mothers, mainly) and children often experience in the Family Court system.

Mothers who try to protect their children are labelled ‘mad’, ‘delusional’, ‘too clever’, over-anxious, depressed too loud, too emotional, too calm and variations on all these - and worse - insults.

All of this opinion may be generated by a court-appointed ‘expert’ who has spent, perhaps, one hour with the mother in question.

Or it may be home-grown bias from the judge’s personal store.

There is absolutely no accountability in Family Law – judges who are suffering from dementia and other ailments continue to wreak havoc on children and even if there’s nothing clinically wrong with them, their inability to listen or understand and their ingrained prejudices make them a danger to justice.

Especially any kind of justice for children.

Transparency and accountability are not apparent in the Family Law system and judges take advantage of their ‘discretion’ to make unreasonable and cruel decisions e.g removing children from their primary carer because she raised concerns about abuse or violence.

Or even removing the child from their primary carer who had done no wrong because the child seemed a little ‘anxious’.  Any child expert would know that an abused child often discloses their worry and fear to their protective parent but not to others, including their abuser.

If the system had any integrity it would investigate the message, not slaughter the messenger.   

It is time to fix Family Law so that children are treated fairly and kept safe and all participants in the family law process are treated with respect, given correct and relevant information and allowed a voice.

If you feel this is unfair to the legal profession – try being a client!


+4 #1 RE: Magistrates can be Mad but Mothers can’t be MothersGuest 2011-08-30 16:17
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