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Police bust child-stealing group operating across Australia, 4 charged 6274
The real criminal syndicate kidnapping children for paedophiles in family court 6519
Hearing for Heroes who helped hide mother and children from paedophiles 6526
More on the Criminal Syndicate of Child Protectors 6757
Paedophile protection in Australia is as good as it Getts. 6769
To think Australia has come to this: Official Kidnapping 7039
Australian federal police boss Andrew Colvin stands down from job 7083
Child Stealing operation busted across Australia, 4 charged, police expect more 8355
Senate changes needed 8796
Dr Pridgeon, on Federal Police, calls a spade a spade 10470
Australian Anti-Paedophile Party sued for accusing man of paedophilia 10475
Local GP starts political party for abuse victims 11080
Operation Noetic — AFP arrests Patrick O’Dea and Dr Pridgeon for “Child-stealing.” Really? 14936
Fallout from Pridgeon’s Case: Any doctors want to stand up and be counted? 15326
A protective mother gets a reply from the Attorney-General’s Office 15650
Commander Justine Gough, were you provided the evidence of abuse? 16043
Protesters take to Townsville court steps supporting a woman accused of stealing her own children 16441
Lawyer leading Melbourne tower lockdown class action under investigation by legal board 18109
Will Dr Pridgeon end up with compo? 20059
Family Court Survey, Part 2: A Numbers Game — The Believers vs Non-Believers and the Spineless 25042
Family court survey - Part 1: Would you throw away $750,000 for a false allegation? 25322
Family court survey Part 3: Threats to the protector for telling the truth 25583