Paedophile protection in Australia is as good as it Getts.

May be an image of 1 person and text that says "Paedophile protection in Australia is as good as it Getts."

This poor excuse of a judge violated family court rules and publicly read a letter that was given to him in private regarding the situation where the family courts have knowingly placed children with parents they disclosed sexually abused them.

He then accused the lawyer of bringing the courts reputation into disrepute - although the family court does this all on it's own.  Judge Anthony Gett, a magistrate who has presided over the #OperationNoEthics case for the past 12 months, and has seen fit to continue the persecution of the parents and other courageous people who refused to stand idly by and watch children continually given to their rapist parent.

In the past three years, since this whole travesty started, there has been a string of Australian Federal Police charged with child sex offences and disemmination of child pornography - ironically known as Child Rape according to the AFP, and another investigation has been launched into a mob of AFP who have been accused of participating as a cartel.  (Something we know the family court and it's stakeholders know all too well).

The innocent children in this case have had genital herpes, torn anuses, bled for weeks, disclosed over 40 times to over a dozen mandatory reporters, yet the family court decided that the mother, as usual is a liar who has coached the children, and that they pose a far greater risk of harm in the mothers care, as compared to the type of damage that a child raping father does.

Australia it seems has become the child rape capital of the world.

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