To think Australia has come to this: Official Kidnapping

I will be providing a detailed and up-to-date summation and analysis of the Family Court Survey, but in the meantime, as a Christmas greeting, I will lay out (anecdotally) some of what I have learned in the last few months (and a thank you to those tenacious people who have been educating me).

In Gumshoe’s articles on this Family Court sexual abuse issue, many accusations are against fathers who have a predilection to abusing their children — and in some cases is sharing the child with others. I am sure that the many good fathers reading these articles may be feeling that their gender is getting a bad rap. But, I’d like to clear this matter up right away.

The abuse of children in the system, and child protection is across the board — BOTH genders. In fact there seems to be an “army of women” in the front-line orchestrating and facilitating all this abuse.

In one specific case, the pedophile-father’s abuser friend is female; and the several people facilitating the State abduction (and possible trafficking) of this child are all FEMALE (and are police, and government employees). Many of the power positions that oversee the “protection” (and also the “non-protection”) of children, are women.

And I’d say, be wary of anyone with “Commissioner” in front of their name.

Passing the Buck

There is a clear modus operandi when it comes to sexual abuse claims in the family court and in the “protective” departments, namely, no one takes responsibility.

And there is no oversight. The whole system is so convoluted and complex, no average parent can navigate the various authorities. It is a miracle if someone does.

In South Australia, for example, there’s the DCP (Department of Child Protection), Families SA, CARL [Child Abuse Report Line], ASIS, SA Health, SAPOL, the Special Crimes Investigation Branch, the Minister for Child Protection, the Chief Executive Child Protection, Commissioner for Children and Young People, the Family Court, the Youth Court, the Office of the Guardian for Children and Young People… and the list goes on.

There is an ever-changing number of organisations, rulings, and officers of authority. And all those people have limited authority. And no one is really in charge. All heads of departments are experts at DEFLECTION tactics.

The Commonwealth Attorney-general, too, passes the buck to the State Attorney-General, and visa versa. (I wonder if “Ping-pong Pizza” has a cryptic meaning.)

Having exhausted most avenues, one protective mother has written to the Minister of Child Protection ten times. Nary a response. Dr William Russell Pridgeon had written to the Queensland minister on many occasions for help — help that never arrived.

None of the elected politicians will dare intervene — as they know it is a hornet’s nest, and they will be stung.

So who are the hornets?

Sexual Abuse — No Problem

Sexual abuse in Australia seems not to be a crime — really.

And if you are an abuser and don’t want to land behind bars, just get yourself to Family Court. They’ll protect you — as will most Protective agencies.

I was having dinner with some friends the other evening, and I was talking to a nurse about the Survey. She said she could name 10 doctors that were pedophiles. In fact one surgeon had been discovered and exposed. It was discretely dealt with — and he continues to operate at the hospital.

He was not even suspended from practicing. Unlike Dr Pridgeon who had his medical license suspended in 24 hours. For what? For trying to do the right thing, and protect children. (The hornet’s are quick to attack.)

It really is an upside-down world.

Of course a pedophile or two has to be thrown under the bus every now and then (for show).

A Brisbane father was jailed for a minimum of two-and-a-half years after he sent ultrasound images of his unborn daughter to an undercover officer. He declared he intended to make child pornography when she was born. (Maybe he hadn’t joined the right clique yet.)

In 2012, a Melbourne couple, Craig Stanley, 28, and Rebecca Michels, 25, were found guilty of making and possessing child pornography. Although the charge carries a maximum 10 years’ jail, Stanley got a minimum of 10 months, and Michels was placed on an 18-month community corrections order — even though the prosecutor said this about the young victim: “She’s a deeply exploited child in my submission.”

I was told that this couple were communicating with two people in the US, and that they were jailed for 25 years. (I have not located a media source for that.) But I have to wonder if Australia only acted because the authorities in the US gave these two on a platter.

As a comparison, a bus driver who accidentally drove into a bridge injuring 6 people, was this week jailed for 5 years.

Delivery of Child Porn

Back in 2008, The Adelaide Advertiser reported that snuff movies were being made in Adelaide during the so-called Family murders. Andrew Dowdell wrote:

“Premier Mike Rann’s chief of staff and former senior advisor Nick Alexandrides said Malcolm Barry Standfield made the snuff movie claims during a private conversation at Parliament House in 2004. [As a result:]

“Standfield, 67, and Wendy Utting, 39, are jointly charged with criminally defaming two politicians and two senior police by claiming they were involved in pedophilia.”

From what I have learned, the bad guys were making child-porn movies back then, so I would guess that snuff movies were in the mix. We do know that in many cases of child sex abuse now, the young victims describe cameras and being photographed. I have heard that an abuser has to provide photographs or footage of abusing his or her children before joining the elite ‘clubs’ where content can be shared.

I have also heard that great value is put onto some children — MILLIONS of dollars — as, I presume, live streaming videos could bring in huge amounts of money from wealthy clients across the world. And one child could provide an income stream to these sickos for 10 to 14 years.

Think: interactive pay-as-you-watch web cams. I hate to think that there may be live streams of interactive child abuse-porn being broadcast as I write.

Names that Surface

The one good thing about the Survey is that people named names. Several names rose like cream, to the top of the milk. And then one can focus on why these people acted the way they did. What part have they played in this syndication of children?

I know from one case in South Australia, there seems to have been an orchestrated plan to abduct the child from its mother. It is exceptionally well-planned. There are certain people in positions of some authority, that are falsifying reports and orchestrating the abduction of children via the court system. They admit they are not really concerned about any abuse of the child (even though they work for a protection agency). Children can then be “trafficked” into the money stream of child porn, and other events.

I can find no other logic as to why those charged to protecting children behave so abominably, and risk so much, to act as they do. They are sweeping good, honest government employees aside — and someone is appointing “facilitators” into position of power.

The trail of deception and falsified documents is at such a scale, that no other explanation really makes sense. Would they “plant” someone in a waiting room to persuade the distraught parent to do something (that would entrap her)? Why was evidence “lost”? It’s endless.

For an outsider it is hard to believe.

When I was initially told about the “trafficking” of children in the government system, I was highly skeptical. I had made a movie on sex-trafficking, and I thought I had some understanding. I was naive. But now, having been embedded daily in cases, I see no other explanation.

But if you understand that they are handling a “star” — a multi-million dollar star — then all the dots join neatly.

The scale of what is happening, and how it is happening cannot be explained by a few pedophiles with a predilection for abusing their children.

There are persons planted in every department that facilitate certain children into the pool — for the use of a pedo-industry.

And this is an INDUSTRY.

An no government official dares to interfere. But, sorry, we will dare.

The Manual (Playbook)

There’s another factor, I’ve discovered a long the way.

Viewing different cases from the 1970s and comparing them to cases in 2018, the same factors are at play. Identical patterns. The technology might be more sophisticated, but the modus operandi is identical.

Knowledge is passed down from one generation to the next.

This keeps the wheels of the pedo-industry going; like a pedo-manual. A “playbook”. Young children are being cut in the rectum now, as they were cut in the rectum decades ago. Partners are specifically poisoned to get them in bed, and out of the way. (I’ll be writing about this in detail in another article.)

One would think a savvy police force and Family Court officials would have long-ago identified the indicators of the sexual abuser.

But they do the opposite. The pedophiles are being protected, and the protectors vilified and punished.

It is abundantly clear that the very organisations that are meant to be protecting children, are putting a selected number into the “system” — into an industry that abuses children. It couldn’t be more obvious.

I guess that many in Canberra are secretly aware of what is going on — and other good people could just never imagine, or believe the sheer scale and audacity of what is happening.

I’ll hazard a guess, and say that the “pedo-business” might just be one Australia’s prime export industries.

Source : https://gumshoenews.com/2018/12/20/to-think-australia-has-come-to-this-official-kidnapping/?fbclid=IwAR3elRD1RtKhU0FPmN3SFeVowgFBYbF3iuCjSCxek5J2wBZYVshbTWUZhGs

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