Commander Justine Gough, were you provided the evidence of abuse?


I apologise to our regular readers that our articles have had a concentration of Family Court issues lately. But no other outlet in Australia is willing to expose what is happening, so I see no option but to continue. It seems Australia is suffering a crisis of DEAFNESS and BLINDNESS right now. I have no other word for it — I’m sickened by the responses and also the lack of response, by those in authority.

Have we, as a nation, lost our altruistic traits? Is everybody spineless?

I will be reporting the findings of the SURVEY over the next two weeks, but the present article contains a letter to Commander Justine Gough (below).

Response From AFP Media Unit

About ten days ago I wrote to the Australian Federal Police media Unit, and to Sergeant Darryl Williamson, Team Leader, Response and Crime Operations. I asked Team Leader Williamson if “the AFP investigated the claims of the protective parents in the cases of the so-called ‘child-stealers?” Williamson referred me back to the AFP Media Unit. I did get an email from back from Nathan in the Media Unit, in which he wrote:

  • As Commander Justine Gough stated in a media conference on 18 October 2018, “In the cases we have looked into, where there have been allegations of sexual abuse made… those have been investigated by the appropriate authorities, and those allegations have not been substantiated.” The AFP investigation into this matter commenced as a result of two missing children and a Recovery Order which was issued by the Family Court of Australia. Any complaints regarding the conduct of the Court should be referred in writing to the respective Chief Justice.

I was also refused any opportunity to interview a member of the Operation Noetic team,

  • As matters are currently before the courts, this will not be possible.
Ms Justine Gough when she was AFP Liaison Officer in Hong Kong, 2015

Commander Justine Gough

I am sure Commander Gough, who gave the media conference, has NEVER seen the Protective Parent’s documentation which outlines the “allegations of sexual abuse” in the case of the two missing children.

No honourable officer, or any person with an ounce of humanity, could have said what Gough had said, IF they had looked over the evidence.

I have to believe Commander Gough was relying on the word of the “appropriate authorities” — and had NOT seen the reports from the Experts that detailed the sexual abuse that had occurred. I have seen it and it is indisputable.

Possibly, the AFP were out to lunch when the evidence was put on someone’s desk. Maybe it was never presented to the team members of Operation Noetic.

So, importantly, who are the appropriate authorities?

As no one will answer my questions, I will have to speculate.

From what I am learning from the initial results of the Gumshoe survey, I have to assume that certain persons of the police, the court and other protective services, disregarded and DESTROYED evidence. It is most likely that experts, doctors or family were never allowed to speak on behalf of the abused children — and this resulted in the protective mother and her children being denied a fair and lawful process.

I guess it is highly likely that the “appropriate authorities” that sent the AFP on their arresting rampage, most likely broke the law by being complicit in, and cooperating with the perpetrator. They probably failed to disclose all the relevant documentation to the AFP.

A few honourable people did help these children — and accomplished what the prime minister recently promised, that as a society we would listen, believe and act, “…to keep children safe...”

One of the persons is Dr Russell Pridgeon. Another is Patrick O’Dea.

But the AFP arrested them, and have, as a result, destroyed the doctor’s career. Truly shameful that those who try help — are the ones now facing a possible jail sentence.

The Open Letter

Dear Ms Gough,

I was brought up in the Apartheid-Regime-Police-State that South Africa used to be. I have been in a war zone; been held at gun point; lived on four continents; served in the South African forces; researched sex trafficking in Melbourne for my movie (The Jammed)… but none of this prepared me for what I have learned in the last 2 months. The accounts of injustice and suffering are unimaginable.

For decades the children being abused by institutions were NOT believed. And now the cycle is being repeated. In fact one psychiatrist claimed 90% of children’s disclosures were LIES (quote from an ABC interview) — and he admitted that he was the “court expert” in about 2000 cases. This goes AGAINST everything the prime minister said in his recent apology:

“…we can promise a country where we commit to hear and believe our children, to work together to keep children safe...”

I can only say, from what I have now observed, that the decisions of the Family Court and their experts have damaged families on an INDUSTRIAL SCALE.

WHEN (not IF) this finally surfaces, it will make the recent Royal Commission seem like the hors d’oeuvre.

The recent “chasing down” and arresting some Nannas and Granddads was extraordinary. The resources used to “capture” the “child-stealers” (mainstream media’s adaption of “abductors” and “syndicate”) is shocking.

I wonder why so many officers were dispatched to arrest Dr Pridgeon? He had disclosed that he was assisting these children to many Ministers and to members of authority. Surely a simple call, and he would have walked into a police station. This appears to be stage theatre for the media by the orchestrators of the operation.

Were you made aware that Dr Pridgeon had written to Hon Dianne Farmer, Minister of Child Safety, COUNTLESS times — pleading for her to help? In his correspondence he wrote: “I am one of many people who sheltered and protected them [the two children], in the four years that they were free of ongoing abuse…. This was one of the greatest privileges of my life to be able to help these children escape the horrific abuse inflicted upon them by fiends.”

Who are the fiends he refers to?

They should be easy to find. Firstly, look at everyone who tried to send the AFP on this “vigilante hunt” in the first place.


And if the “appropriate authorities” have not provided you with the “allegations of sexual abuse made”, I can easily arrange for the multitude of parties involved to forward you all the evidence you would need. You would then learn for yourself that many “fiends” have been complicit in the covering up of pedophilia — and wrongly acted against the children, and those trying to protect them.


Dee McLachlan

This letter, published in the Dailyexaminer.com.au on 16 November, 2018, sums up the situation.

PS: Justine, please watch THE KEEPERS on Netflix. Excellent viewing.

Source : https://gumshoenews.com/2018/11/19/commander-justine-gough-were-you-provided-the-evidence-of-abuse/?fbclid=IwAR3yf4B-HnG99KO8plQ9AuX5dJfQMN4SouUGtt8eIp3TygELMeaOwgQ5msw

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