Family court survey - Part 1: Would you throw away $750,000 for a false allegation?

Will just one politician extend a hand? Just one.

It has been just over a week since I posted a questionnaire – “the Survey” – to my Melbourne website GumshoeNews.com.  It asks responders to record accurately their experience with Australia’s Family Court and with various groups charged with protecting children.

I can honestly say, the responses I have seen so far are SHOCKING.

To begin, I’d like to apologise for the survey being imperfect — and that it had a narrow focus (sexual abuse cases, or serious injury only). Of course I will be criticized (rightly) for the fact that the survey is anonymous and ‘anecdotal’. But even if you consider a large margin of error in the answers, the results are TRULY ALARMING. At least it will serve us if it can clarify the atrocities that are occurring.

What should terrify the authorities, is that Gumshoe’s Readership is tiny — minuscule compared to that of the Herald Sun or the ABC. So, I suggest that this is only the TIP OF THE ICEBERG — and that if this survey were to run nationally — in the mainstream media, and advertised on television — I guess the results would be catastrophic for the government.

There is a huge amount of data to analyse, and I will spread it over several articles. This first part is an introduction — and states a few things of which we should take note. In later parts, I’ll focus on Destruction of Evidence, Threats, etc..

As I start writing this article, there are 58 responses.

I know by publishing this, it might have an effect on future participants, but I will be alert to any pattern changes in future answers. Essentially, there is no time to waste. Children are in harm’s way, hence my publication of some of the results.

The Credibility of the Participants

I have been fielding many calls from desperate parents (and a grandparent) — so, I wanted to establish a measure of their credibility in the survey. The participants so far are made up with mothers, 3 fathers, 10 aunt/grandparent etc, and 1 victim over 18.

82% of respondents, so far, were accused of “coaching”  — trying to sway the child, or enhance the child’s version of abuse.

The courts decisions should reflect whether abuse occurred or not. So, why did the courts not determine sexual abuse in these cases?

Does the survey demonstrate to authorities that the participants involved are/were genuine cases of sexual abuse?

I asked the question: “How much MONEY have you lost (or spent) trying to achieve (or manage) your outcome in the family Court, so far? (This a TOTAL of solicitor fees, transcripts, supervised visits, court fees, etc)”

It is heartbreaking. People have spent enormous amounts of money trying to protect their children. Several more than $350,000, and one more than $750,000.

[UPDATE: As of 27 November, 2018, and from 74 responders, 31 people have lost homes, seven lost more than $351,000, and four more than $750,000.]

So far of the 58 cases [1],

  • 27 people lost their house as a result (so far),
  • 30 lost a business or their job, and
  • 39 were put into debt.

50% of responders lost their house!

And about 66% were put in debt. (Nigerian scammers don’t rate a mention!)

Logical Analysis

Near the end of the survey I kind of asked a trick question — that relates to the Money Lost question.

I asked: “If you only had ONE choice — what OUTCOME would you vote for?

  • An apology from the prime minister
  • A Royal Commission into the Family Court
  • A Special Unit, with the power to prosecute, to Investigate criminality in the Family Court, CPS etc — with the promise to jail anyone that broke the law, or
  • Financial Compensation

The answers speak for themselves. With all the people having lost everything (I know ‘Darlene’ has), only one voted for financial compensation. Maybe it was the person that had lost over $750,000, and felt justice would never be served. (I’ll check.)

Most people voted for the prosecution of the perpetrator – above a Royal Commission.

The thought to consider is, why would all these people want justice and prosecution above anything else — if they were “coachers”, or they were not genuine?  That does not make sense. (I deliberately left out the option: To have your child safe, as I guess that would have been chosen above everything. These people are “protective”.)

Almost everyone is SEEKING JUSTICE. 

Therefore it is reasonable to think they are a sample of genuine cases where sexual abuse of the child occurred.

A Note of ‘Darlene’s’ Finances

I know ‘Darlene’ lost her house, her business and is now in debt — a loss of around $250,000. She never needed to lose any of that. When she reported the sexual abuse of her daughter, her mental state was investigated — not the abuse. If the perpetrator was prosecuted, as the law requires, it would have NEVER gone to family Court — and she would still have her house and her child. She has neither.

People might spend small amounts of money defending their name, for example. But protective parents will spend EVERYTHING, give anything up to protect their children.

I hope outside people are getting the picture.

That’s my opinion so far as to the credibility of the persons who responded to the Survey. Let me continue.

The Age of the Child

In all of the accounts I have heard personally, the sexual abuse was a surprise and shock to the protective parent. Who would imagine someone could abuse a one-year-old?

To the question: “How old was your child when you realised that SEXUAL ABUSE (or a serious injury) occurred?“, this was the outcome.

More than half of the cases occurred 4 years or younger. Shocking.

Generally first disclosure is to the protective parent (79%), and then a few each to a grandparent, teachers, and ‘others’.

To, “Who did you contact once you realised there had been abuse?” [multiple answers], there was an expected variation between: Family (26), Police (30), Doctor or hospital (24), Child Protective Services, etc., (29) and other (19).

To, “When you confronted the perpetrator about the abuse, did they do any of the following?” [multiple answers],

  • 45 denied the allegations
  • 18 threatened violence
  • 26 advanced proceedings into Family Court
  • 30 called the person delusional (resulting in health assessments)
  • 13 ‘other’

I expected that most perpetrators would deny any allegations. I should have asked: how many confessed to abuse?

About 60% of the participants were faced with accusations of delusion — as in ‘Darlene’s’ case. Her partner got the mental health folks to their house in about 15 minutes. Surely the court would be aware that this is a pedo-trick?

As is advancing the case into the “safe-haven” of the Family Court.

Safe-haven and Prosecutions

I wonder if the Family Court is a safe-haven for pedophile activities?

To the question, “Was the abuser, the alleged pedophile investigated?”

Of 48 who responded to this question, 12 said YES.

To, “Was the abuser, the alleged pedophile prosecuted?”

Three said YES.

To, “Did anyone go to jail?”

Two people said YES, the remainder said No.

So, WHO is Doing the “Coaching”?

There must be cases where one partner becomes vindictive or revengeful and wants to punish the other by false accusations through their child. Our actions are usually selfish, as false accusations would be. So if you are selfish, and self-invested, you are probably not going to allow your life to implode.

As I wrote above; why would anyone “coach” their way into financial bankruptcy?

Consider the LOGIC that has escaped the court’s decisions:

It makes no sense that you would be “coaching” false claims while you financially DESTROY yourself and go into debt. Why would someone risk everything, including jail time, to keep “coaching” false claims? And why would someone risk losing their child by continuing to to bring up “false claims”?

So let’s review the “coaching questions:

To, “Did a court EXPERT, i.e., PSYCHIATRIST, claim that you were “coaching” — i.e., that you were trying to sway or enhance your child’s version?” (of the abuse)

82% of the 52 who responded to this question said YES. It may be higher, considering that a victim and grandparents might have not answered Yes.

To, “Do you believe someone in the authority tried to “COACH” your child — and sway your child’s version to him/her admitting to less or no abuse?”

67% of the respondents said YES. WOW. Two thirds of respondents believed their child was being “coached” to admit LESS or no abuse.

This confirms what I have heard anecdotally.

To, “Who do you believe “COACHED” your child — or altered  their original disclosures, or outlook?”, these were the people identified:

Right across the board. No category is exempt. Let us consider how we get this result.

Why are people trying to coach the child to lessen their original disclosures? Sexual abuse of a child is a terrible crime, so I think some of these factors are at play:

  1. Society has generally not listened to, nor believed children — and that they make stuff up. The Royal Commission proved this wrong over and over again.
  2. It is also easier for all those working in the Family Court system to believe the child was not harmed. Less draining on them.
  3. The police take the easy road — and pass the ball to the Family court, failing to prosecute. Less paperwork, etc.?
  4. There seems to be a culture of thinking in the Family Court system that believe most partners are trying to “alienate” the other partner — or as the Attorney-general’s office put it: “one parent deliberately undermines the relationship between a child and the other parent, causing the breakdown of a previously healthy parent-child relationship.” Same thing as parental alienation, Mr Brooker. (E.g., The non-expert, Rikard Bell, was a so-called expert in 2,000 cases — admission to the ABC.)
  5. The Family Court and all it’s subsidiary industries are a huge MONEY MAKING MACHINE. (Darlene’s ex should have gone to jail — and she would have then deprived the Family Court industry $250,000.) I cannot think of another industry that could suck every dollar, and more, from a person so easily and willingly.
  6. It seems that some people (knowingly, or unknowingly) are DELIBERATELY protecting pedophiles, and supporting their actions.

I do find it extraordinary that, the default position seems to be that the protective parent must be “coaching” — and this because the children’s disclosure is not generally believed.

The 90% 

Rikard Bell, the non-expert, said in his ABC interview: “90% of children’s accounts are LIES”. And these results back that up. How many other people are ringing Bell’s bell? Appalling.

As Prime Minister Morrison said in his National Apology to abuse victims (22 October 2018):

“We will shine a spotlight on all parts of government to ensure we are held accountable.”

Well, Sir, we have started shining the spotlight, and we will hold you ALL accountable.

I’ll be discussing all this in more detail as we analyse the data in the Parts to follow — especially when we go over potential criminal actions by those people associated with protecting children.

Stay tuned.


[1] I exclude the “lost support or partial support from friends of family”, as I did not make it clear that it was financial support.

Source : https://gumshoenews.com/2018/11/21/family-court-survey-part-1-would-you-throw-away-750000-for-a-false-allegation/

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