Protesters take to Townsville court steps supporting a woman accused of stealing her own children

A MOTHER accused of stealing her children and conspiring to defeat justice has been supported by a group of protesters outside Townsville Magistrates Court.

While the woman’s court proceedings went for less than two minutes, the protesters spent more than an hour on the steps of the court precinct, waving handmade posters and talking to passers-by.

The group believe the accused mother acted in the best interests of her children.

Before the alleged child stealing, the children had been in the care of their father after a Family Court ruling granted him custody.

“The reason we are here today is not just to support (the mother), she is obviously the main person we want to support but it’s about protecting our children,” protester Bobbie Robertson said.

The accused mother’s defence lawyer Zoe Navarro asked for the matter to be adjourned to April 8, 2019, where it will be listed for committal mention.

The charges against the woman are expected to be taken to a higher in court next year.

There are no criminal charges against the children’s father.

The children have been returned to his care.

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