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"The Battle for our Courts has begun and is mounting, day by day!" 4362
"The Failure to Protect Foster Children and Children on Medicaid" 4379
"DHS Caseworkers and Misuse of Government Funds – How do we make them accountable." 4392
"Jeremy Sammut, the Centre for Independent Studies and the use of tainted data in the creation of reports into child protection" 4414
"Another young girl commits suicide after being removed by Katherine child protective services in the Northern Territory" 4424
"Adelaide abuse inquiry hearing to go ahead" 4444
"UK Establishment Closes Ranks as Organised Child Sex Abuse Network Leads Back to No. 10" 4467
"What Statutory Authority is not mentioned here?" 4468
"Child Protection in Northern NSW lets Sexual Offender visit his Victims once a month" 4504
"This article is being removed from online sources everywhere ..." 4512
"Child abuse inquiry reopens in Sydney" 4530
'I was chosen': Child adopted by alleged paedophile tells harrowing tale of abuse at Retta Dixon 4543
"Annette Rearden - Manager at CatholicCare Campbellown NSW" 4553
"Is it Discrimination toward a Newborn Baby to treat them different if there is Child Protection involvement?" 4561
"Liberal and Labour History: The Condensed Version" 4567
CPS worker defies gag order, Exposes violent child sex ring in state fostercare system 4588
NSW Department of Premier and Cabinet Boards and Committees Registrations 4591
"Money and Banking" 4602
International Convention for the Protection of All Persons from Enforced Disappearance 4603
"Household Composition and Risk of Fatal Child Maltreatment" 4618
Australia, the land of No Voting Suffrage 4642
Million Dollar OOHC Reports with Million Dollar Answers 4668