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"Network X Produces Pornography" 3018
"Children's Commissioner to mandate schools reporting of sexual misconduct of serious physical assault on a child" 3045
"Ten reasons to vote NO to constitutional recognition" 3057
CPS worker defies gag order, Exposes violent child sex ring in state fostercare system 3109
Former GA Deputy arrested for child porn 3114
Hollywood's evil secret: Pedophilia 3151
"Two government reports - two different stories. Forde Enquiry response by Government proven to be rubbish" 3179
"Community officer Allan Ray Gollan sexually abused kids " 3190
"DoCS knowingly sent innocent children to known Sex Offending Grandfather ... The Victims Statement" 3208
"Tony Abbott in Arnhem Land: a display of farce and cynicism" 3224
"Rape of another child in care of WA Child Protection" 3246
"Quick and easy forced adoptions will now be the first priority of the NSW Government for all children in care .. to save money." 3263
"Pru and her plans" 3291
"Lack of Legal Aid policy, and low ethics allows lawyers to abuse former clients" 3294
"Lawyers get $5b a year from family law " 3309
Dobbs 3309
"Vatican rules Pope’s butler must stand trial" 3314
"MP Bernard Finnigan Charged over Alleged Possession of Child Porn" 3323
INTRODUCING “The Rule of Law” with Randall Kelton 3342
"Faith Strong: Satan's Concubine works at Department of Community Services Cairns North DoCS" 3352
"Apologies worthless whilst Australian Government continues with Past Forced Adoption Practises" 3360
Australian High Court rules the constitution BANS mandatory vaccination 3364