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"Lack of Legal Aid policy, and low ethics allows lawyers to abuse former clients" 3294
"Lawyers get $5b a year from family law " 3309
Dobbs 3309
"Vatican rules Pope’s butler must stand trial" 3314
"MP Bernard Finnigan Charged over Alleged Possession of Child Porn" 3323
INTRODUCING “The Rule of Law” with Randall Kelton 3342
"Faith Strong: Satan's Concubine works at Department of Community Services Cairns North DoCS" 3352
"Apologies worthless whilst Australian Government continues with Past Forced Adoption Practises" 3360
Australian High Court rules the constitution BANS mandatory vaccination 3364
"Are You Scared? You should be." 3375
"Australia : A country of slaves ruled by thieves and traitors." 3382
Another example of DoCS working in the 'Worst interest of the Child' 3385
"Adoption was a result of Forced Separations." 3453
"Wodonga Copper Kylie Clarkson's predatory behaviour needs to be put on a leash" 3467
"The Battle for our Courts has begun and is mounting, day by day!" 3510
Just How Much Cash do the NGOs Get To Steal Kids ??? 3529
"Jeremy Sammut, the Centre for Independent Studies and the use of tainted data in the creation of reports into child protection" 3560
"Another young girl commits suicide after being removed by Katherine child protective services in the Northern Territory" 3569
"The Failure to Protect Foster Children and Children on Medicaid" 3570
"DHS Caseworkers and Misuse of Government Funds – How do we make them accountable." 3593
"Adelaide abuse inquiry hearing to go ahead" 3612
"Child abuse inquiry reopens in Sydney" 3635