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South Australians banned from knowing about alleged Salt Creek attacker 3483
"Child tells of sexual abuse so child protection send her back to be abused more "Official failure leads to lives lost"" 3484
"The NSW watchdog about to be turned upon an unsuspecting public." 3485
"Stop Funding the Cabal" 3493
Babies at risk? 3517
Does this case not show that O'Loughlin failed to acknowledge the difficulties faced with Stolen Generations, by stating they failed to institute proceedings much earlier? 3518
"Bad Habits: Sex and the Catholic Church" 3523
"A new stolen generation" 3527
Alan Jones says Australia needs another stolen generation 'to protect children' 3569
Former GA Deputy arrested for child porn 3612
Foster care: Where good kids go to die 3655
Twelve reasons why you should think twice before supporting the Salvation Army 3671
"Today Systemic Judicial corruption is International Organized Crime. " 3689
"Child Protection Caseworkers" 3691
"Out of Home Care" 3704
Queensland barrister guilty of professional misconduct, no longer practicing family law 3706
"Child Protection Caseworkers" 3712
"Apologies for Forced Adoptions still spewing from every corrupt entity involved - though nothing has changed. The words 'Sorry' are as empty as most child protection workers heads" 3724
Hollywood's evil secret: Pedophilia 3736
Bad parenting is the real disfunction 3785
"Tribute to Annette Gallard" 3804