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The tactics and ploys of the psychopath aggressor in the family law court 2834
Judge criticises social workers for ‘grossly overstated’ adoption evidence 2840
"Apologies for Forced Adoptions still spewing from every corrupt entity involved - though nothing has changed. The words 'Sorry' are as empty as most child protection workers heads" 2862
"Terry Williams Sentenced to Execution for Killing Two Men Who Sexually Abused Him as a Child" 2865
"Today Systemic Judicial corruption is International Organized Crime. " 2899
Twelve reasons why you should think twice before supporting the Salvation Army 2906
""Reconciliation" Australia is a deceitful con by the Australian government" 2919
"Out of Home Care" 2927
"Child Protection Caseworkers" 2962
"Stop DoCS Stealing Innocent Children Without Evidence" 2966
"Child Protection Caseworkers" 2991
"Tribute to Annette Gallard" 2992
Bad parenting is the real disfunction 3013
"Network X Produces Pornography" 3018
"Children's Commissioner to mandate schools reporting of sexual misconduct of serious physical assault on a child" 3045
"Ten reasons to vote NO to constitutional recognition" 3057
CPS worker defies gag order, Exposes violent child sex ring in state fostercare system 3109
Former GA Deputy arrested for child porn 3114
Hollywood's evil secret: Pedophilia 3151
"Two government reports - two different stories. Forde Enquiry response by Government proven to be rubbish" 3179
"Community officer Allan Ray Gollan sexually abused kids " 3190
"DoCS knowingly sent innocent children to known Sex Offending Grandfather ... The Victims Statement" 3208