Unions wary of NDIS impact on staff’s conditions and clients’ futures

PRIVATISATION FEARS: Central West Community Union Alliance spokesman Joe Maric is fearful for the future of staff and clients when the state-funded Aging Disability and Home Care (ADHC) service is axed as part of a NSW government deal for the National Disability Insurance Scheme.

Unions are raising concerns that disability workers are facing an uncertain long-term future and more acute clients will be stranded when the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) is rolled out in Orange in July.

What's with the National Disability Insurance Scam

In the next few years the Australian government is going to make taxpayers pay billions and billions of dollars for a scheme which they are promoting will help almost half a million australia's with disaiblities.

What they don't mention is that practically every non-government organisation currently looking after thousands of persons with disabilities, already receives billions of dollars per year to provide these services already.  The problem is that they pocket the money instead, and keep people with disabilities chemically restrained and locked up in residential facilities, that are harder to exit than Long Bay Jail.

You will be told that this is to protect the persons in the facility, but it's not.  It's for the facilities to protect thier pots of gold.  Persons with disabilities in residential facilities are worth a very large amount of money, and nobody wants them to go home.  With people with disabilities leaving residential care, as the NDIS statements are saying, very big businesses that house these people for profit will start losing a very big amount of money.  Do you think they are going to let this happen?