What's with the National Disability Insurance Scam

In the next few years the Australian government is going to make taxpayers pay billions and billions of dollars for a scheme which they are promoting will help almost half a million australia's with disaiblities.

What they don't mention is that practically every non-government organisation currently looking after thousands of persons with disabilities, already receives billions of dollars per year to provide these services already.  The problem is that they pocket the money instead, and keep people with disabilities chemically restrained and locked up in residential facilities, that are harder to exit than Long Bay Jail.

You will be told that this is to protect the persons in the facility, but it's not.  It's for the facilities to protect thier pots of gold.  Persons with disabilities in residential facilities are worth a very large amount of money, and nobody wants them to go home.  With people with disabilities leaving residential care, as the NDIS statements are saying, very big businesses that house these people for profit will start losing a very big amount of money.  Do you think they are going to let this happen? 

Not a chinaman's.

What the money will be spent on is creating more positions to do more paperwork to make it look like they are fulfilling their obligations with regards to NDIS.  People with disabilities will not profit one iota, but big business will.  I guarantee this.

This fourteen billion dollars, for starters, should not be able to be used to create one single non government organisation job.  The government should demand that every single cent goes to disabled persons, and the building of facilities to enable disabled persons to not live in prisons where big businesses profit.

Bruce Barbour recently stated that almost thirty percent of people in residential care should not be there. (View)  This should mean that the first lot of money being spent by the government should be alternative care and facilities to enable disabled persons to live free, not confined by our government and unable to move freely as they wish, which is their basic human right.  Unfortunately we would be surprised if more than one billion dollars was put into this class of people (australia's government prisoners).

The money being spent now is already being used to withdraw current specialist services from DHS clients children.  They are now being told that they are no longer going to receive the service, which is for their disabled child, and that they have to go and find out about NDIS.  This seems to be just another way of denying our most vulnerable the services they require, and the services that should already be being provided to them - money that the government already receives each year for disabled and children.  Unfortunately most of the money is gobbled up by lawyers and non government organisations.

The personnel are already there in place to provide the services that are needed for the disabled persons, so now all that really needs to happen is those organisations be given the green light to have their clients state what they need, the organisation caring for them to put that to the government and the governmen to purchase that for the client (disabled person).  Seems pretty simple to us, however like most government funding for people, we seriously doubt that out of the first fourteen billlions dollars, there will not be anything more than the usual ten percent spent on the disabled, with the rest of the money going into the coffers of big organisations.

How can the government really substantiate this massive amount of money to go (allegedly) to helping disabled persons, when we already have to pay massive third party premiums which are to cover part of this, workers compensation, personal injury insurance and disability services already?  How can the government justify what it is actually going to spend the money on.  It all sounds good, as does most government idea, however don't hold your breath to see any real changes in the way disabled persons are really looked after, because it's just not going to happen.

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+3 #1 RE: What's with the National Disability Insurance ScamGuest 2013-05-29 23:31
Spot on as usual. The funny thing (or tragic as it may be) is that people living in the Hunter region near Newcastle are part of the trial group for the NDIS, and many are already in receipt of NDIS-styled services, being "trialled." Now, why do we need to "trial" what is obvious tried and true help that is needed for the disabled? So that the govt can stuff it up even more? Or are there endless studies and reviews being commissioned to third parties already making a motza out of the scam, er, scheme?

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