Research shows Australian government continuing to fail our most vulnerable children almost 30 years after signing the UN Children’s Convention

SYDNEY, Thursday 1 November 2018:  Australia is not making sufficient progress in policies and programs to support children, particularly disadvantaged children in our country. We have regressed in areas of critical importance and systems designed to protect children are in crisis. These are the over-arching findings of The Children’s Report, being released today by the Australian Child Rights Taskforce at the same time it is submitted to the United Nations Children’s Committee.

 “With over five million children in Australia, we should be ensuring that the decisions we make, which impact on the lives of children and young people now and in the future, are made with them in mind and include processes for them to have their say as citizens and significant stakeholders,” said Tony Stuart, CEO of UNICEF Australia.

Is our children’s welfare important enough to be an election issue?

With only six weeks until the next state election it is about time for the public to determine what the NSW State Government should be focusing on getting right over the next three year term.

What we at Alecomm have found interesting in this, and past, elections is all the ho-ha about economic and lifestyle issues for the middle and upper class population but very little for those that suffer at the hands of the Human [non] “Services”.

Is it the case that just because children don’t get to vote their needs are ignored by the public? Alecomm would like to point out to readers how history tells us that the needs of those without a say in Government are ignored.

Whats more important, welfare or retribution?

Hello Australia, do you see the similarity between this and other children? - Click here to view the YouTube Video in Reference.

The problem is the response on facebook is focused on retribution towards the perpetrator, rather than the welfare, safety and development of the young boy.

Responses to child abuse should be focused on the welfare and development of the child. What was done for this child to ensure this wouldn't happen again? Autistic and developmentally delayed children that have "challenging behaviours" will always be at risk of harm until the behaviours are addressed. That is what 'challenging behaviours' is defined as. There are many people that cannot handle people of all ages with challenging behaviours including parents, carers, hospital staff (e.g. the recent death of a difficult patient in WA) and even police.

While it is important to highlight the situation it is even more important that focus remains on the victim's human rights and those rights include both the minimisation of future harm and maximization of welfare and development.

Educated mother sees the real side of child protection

My mom initiated victims services in her home town...and a few years later quit...hands tied when trying to help between RCMP and child welfare..she had enough...then worked with the FCFS...

So very educated (aka brainwashed)..hook line and sinker with lead boots. UNTIL she had to deal with the system personally. She got a real eye opener... She knows they're "Gods"... and always thought that anyways because of her "education" ..but she saw how they ACTUALLY operate and was none too happy with our "false gods." The rose colored glasses got smashed.

Our politicians, the authorities and other supporting networks of child protection need their rose colored glasses smashed too..see it for what it really is.

The rose coloured glasses effect

Funny you say "Rose colored glasses", because that's exactly what happened to me while working towards my BSW and trying to get the ones called "Child Protection" workers to PROTECT as per their mandate under the legislation in BC. I clearly and very concisely advised a "Social Worker" that I no longer wore the "rose colored glasses" she had on. The study of Social Work is nothing more than junk science, with all these "expected/desired outcomes", which boil down to government experiments on children and their families that have been made to APPEAR justified. They probably have a couple of "magic balls" too that make the delusional fairy tale endings as well. There is not ONE person in this world that can "predict" the future of a traumatized child with absolute precision. Trauma affects each and every one of them differently, as it does their families that have to pick up the pieces afterwards.