Over 1,200 Minnesota parents are suing to shut down Child Protective Services

(CW) — A group of parents in Minnesota called Stop CPS From Legally Kidnapping Children has filed a request in federal court to “shut down the state’s child protection services, stop serial abuse of families and overturn the unconstitutional laws by which the agency operates,” according to a press release published Tuesday.

The group, led by Dwight Mitchell, a father who says his son was illegally taken from him for 22 months, first filed a civil rights complaint in April, and this week they vocally publicized their call to shut down the child services agency, which they claim engages in systemic lying, withholding information, and fabricating evidence. They are asking the federal court to suspend the state’s agency from enforcing child protection laws, and according to a petition signed by almost 5,000 people, are also demanding changes to the laws themselves.

A fed-up judge and a new chief: Is this what it takes to get Texas to protect kids?

It’s time for Texas to ditch the politics of winning and put these kids first.

Sometimes a situation is so mired in dysfunction that it can benefit both from a fresh perspective and a jump-start on moving forward.

We see those points materializing in two recent developments involving a state agency that has struggled for years to do what its name says it must do — protect children.

Child Protective Services in North Carolina using blackmail to illegally Seize children from families

North-carolina-foster-careFox 8 in North Carolina did a story on corruption in North Carolina Child Protection Services in 2015. Image from Fox 8.

Associated Press reporters recently exposed a story of illegal practices by Child Protective Services social workers in one North Carolina county.

Social workers in Cherokee County have been reportedly coercing parents and taking their children illegally, bypassing the court system by threatening to adopt out their children or throw the parents in jail if they refused to sign paperwork known in NC as a CVA – Custody and Visitation Agreement. (Source)

CPS got called on me by the hospital my son was hospiliazed in.

Let's see if I can make this short ... CPS got called on me by the hospital my son was hospiliazed in. They said im medically neglecting my son, im not feeding him ??? that he's failure to thrive and he's in danger because all of this is considered child abuse. First of all, he's now at 3%, he's gaining weight, he's AHEAD of his milestone (no signs of mental abuse or physical abuse) they did a whole investigation ... we are now facing the courts. They want me to drug test every day until my marijuana levels go down (even tho in California WEED IS LEGAL... guess they don't care) even the workers at the drug testing think it's bullshit I'm coming EVERY FUCKING DAY TO TEST. They say my levels are going up and down which is bullshit. They're accusing me of smoking when I'm not. They know I have a medical card yet want to ignore my medical needs. I say the report and there's a lot of false information. We don't have proof.. which is the worst part. Hospital claims my son had a POSSIBLE.... keyword POSSIBLE soy and milk allergy...hence why I never went back to them and found a new doctor.... they still called child services on me. ?? Im fucking pissed... im not enjoying my baby at all cause I'm just stressed out... I'm suppose to be enjoying my family but feels like I'm walking on egg shells... i don't want to fuck up so they don't take my son away from me. I'm depressed but can't tell them that other wise they'll use it agasint me. I'm stressed out. I'm at my breaking point. They're fucking with me...i don't even know if it's legal to sue them and the hospital for distress and false accusations without proof... the only proof we have our My word and my bfs but since we smoke pot we are looked as drug addicts ??

Arizona Judge: Child removed from home Illegally – Only reason was child was “Adoptable”.

Adopting children is big business. Websites like adoptuskids.org advertise available children, and give advice on how to adopt. With a huge need to find foster parents so states can collect federal funds for foster children, this website states “You don’t have to be a perfect parent” to try and entice people to become foster parents. Ironically, many children are taken out of their loving homes simply because their biological parents are not “perfect.”

Commentary by:
Terri LaPoint, Assistant Editor MedicalKidnap.com
Brian Shilhavy, Editor
Health Impact News

One of the dirty little secrets of Child Protective Services is that children are sometimes taken from their homes, and their parents’ rights ended, simply because the children are “adoptable.

Now, in a stunning reversal of a termination of parental rights decision, a Court of Appeals has concluded that the Arizona Department of Child Safety (DCS) took children from their mother primarily because her children were considered adoptable.

This admission is now part of the court record.

Drug-addiction epidemic creates crisis in foster care

Kim Sullivan, whose son died of a heroin overdose, prepares to talk to students in Groton, Connecticut, about the dangers of drug addiction. Across the country, an increasing number of children are being admitted into foster care, which some state officials attribute to the opioid epidemic.

Porthole to Justice

After reading mainstream articles on Haitian children bring kidnapped from hospitals, you might say, "there must be someone looking for these kids, right? It's not easy to get away with kidnapping more than 15 thousand kids!" Of course there is. The International Commission on Missing Persons. Which was "established at the behest of United States President Bill Clinton in 1996". The mother****** have covered their backs by owning the ICMP, the only thing that would actually track them down. The Clintons and their allies are literally stealing little kids from around the world. WHAT. THE. F IS. GOING. ON BUT WAIT, THERE'S MORE. They do it in the United States too!

Legal notice and notice of hearing - Maine DHHS

Maine Department of Health & Human Services MAINE DISTRICT COURT IN RE: Safe Haven Baby Girl Docket. No.: BAN-PC
n/k/a Grace A. S.

NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN TO John Doe, said name being fictitious, father, as well as Jane Doe, said name being fictitious, mother, whereabouts unknown:

The Plan

Fall....my thoughts turn to "Our Jakie" at one of those awful visits with caseworker, Holly Masters Litton sitting inches away from us in a cubicle food stamp office that was 8 feet by 8 feet (maybe). She would sit there and stare at me trying to intimidate as we played games and tried to have fun. It didn't take her long to figure out I can't be intimidated.

This type of psychological warfare and manipulation is common from the caseworker to the families of origin.

Intimidating, belittling, manipulation of facts, lies, estrangement and deceit in an attempt to gain psychological control of the #TAKEN child, IS the status quo of the caseworker.

Murder, abuse, organized crime, racketeering, corrupt judges, attorneys, guardian adlitem, child protection services, mental health care providers, and anyone else who stands to make a profit on the backs of our children! Guilty!!!

They call this a “Sleep Study!”,  We call it “Cashin’ In;” and using this 5 year-old boy Joseph to do it!  This is a disgrace!  Nothing more, Nothing less!  This is a perfect picture of everyone getting paid.  The doctor, the social workers, the judge, the attorneys, the mental health providers, the county agency (CPS), the federal government, and of course the facility conducting these ridiculous tests on this 5-year-old son Joseph.  AGAINST THE PARENTS WILL!

The Family Unit is alive, but not well; arguably the backbone of our very existence!  Whentorn apart, especially for no good reason, it’s quickly doomed to live out its existence in pieces; and it’s pieces are left without purpose or reason to live a full, complete life.  We’re talkin’ about irreparable damage.  In fact, from that point it will likely deteriorate rapidly in many, many ways.  It is DEAD!  MURDERED by those that saw fit to parrot terms like “best interest of this” “best interest of that” while not actually having the best interest of anything in mind or at heart, but their very own existence.  Job Security, Money, even simply justifying their own existence in some twisted, misguided way.  It’s a disgrace!  IT IS MURDER! 

OPED: Post-Penn State paranoia harming York County children

When it comes to willful ignorance, it’s hard to match Pennsylvania legislators. They pass law after law encouraging anyone and everyone to report anything and everything to ChildLine, the state’s child abuse “hotline,” and then claim to be shocked — shocked — when counties can’t cope with the flood of new calls.

But far worse than the harm these laws are doing to budgets is the harm they are doing to children.

Thousands more children are being subjected to the trauma of needless child abuse investigations. Strangers are at the door, asking terrifying questions about the most intimate aspects of their lives. And in many cases, the workers are leaving with the children — consigning them needlessly to the chaos of foster care, even as other children, in real danger, are overlooked.

In York County, between 2010 and 2014, the number of children torn from their families over the course of a year soared by 55 percent — and that was just in the wake of the hysteria following the revelations about Jerry Sandusky. The new laws, passed by a legislature fed misleading claims and eager to look tough on child abuse, are likely to make things even worse.

“What do you expect?” some might ask. “With so many more people reporting child abuse, of course more children are being taken.”  But when well-meaning people are constantly encouraged to report even their slightest suspicions, most of those suspicions will be wrong. In other cases, “mandated reporters” almost certainly are calling in reports they think have no merit because they’re afraid of what will happen to them if they don’t.

It’s happening even though there is no evidence that mandatory reporting laws make children safer.

Negligence from Sacramento CPS resulted in 6-week-old Baby Macey being found dead in her car seat

.June 6, 2016 DailyHaze
Baby Macey dead Sacramento CPS
Written By: Meko Haze 6/6/2016

On March 21, of this year, Macey Clara was brought into the world. Macey’s parents decided they were not able to take care of their daughter and opted for the paternal grandmother Tracey Rhodd to take custody.

On March 25, Baby Macey went home with Rhodd, but her time with Rhodd would be short lived. Just over a week old, the Sacramento, California CPS removed the baby from the grandmother on April 1.

Rhodd was told that Baby Macey needed to be with approved foster parents. However, Rhodd was fully capable of providing care for Macey.

Rhodd fought to get custody of Baby Macey. She was told that she could eventually receive custody, but in the meantime, she used visitation to continue forming a bond with her granddaughter. Rhodd was doing all of the necessary paperwork and determined to be granted custody.

Macey’s aunt, Jess Chaudhry, told Daily Haze that the foster parents who received Macey were both over the age of 60. The elderly couple already had four foster children, two of which were 2-year-old and the other two both were 3-years-old.

Rhodd had concerns if Baby Macey, being a newborn, would receive enough attention from the foster parents. When Rhodd asked why she was not allowed to take her granddaughter CPS told her she had not passed her background check. In 2001, Rhodd was going through a divorce and received a violation of a restraining order.

The decision came as a shock to Rhodd, mainly since she was a foster for Macey’s cousin in 2012, for six months. While CPS allowed her to take care of her first grandchild, they would only allow her to see Macey for 2-hours a week, which she did.

Rhodd was told that she would have Macey back in a maximum of 30-days, but CPS continuously managed to push back her home inspection. The constant cancellations delayed Rhodd from getting Macey back, despite being told it would only be a month tops. Little did she know that Baby Macey would not be returning to her custody.

On May 2, 2016, under 2-months since Macey was placed into CPS custody, the Sacramento Sheriff Chaplain came to Rhodd’s house to inform her that Baby Macey was dead.

Baby Macey’s foster parents had placed the young child in a car seat and neglected to check on her all night. The foster parents claim that they opened the door to the room Baby Macey was in and looked in around midnight. The 911 call was placed after Macey was found dead at roughly 8:45 am.

Rhodd is still waiting on the final coroner report. The coroner let her know that he had questions about the death. The main question being why the Macey was left in a car seat without being checked on for such an extended period.

CPS had no answers for Rhodd. In fact, they never even contacted them to notify them that Macey had passed away. Instead, they ignored Rhodd’s calls. The biological father was never notified. The Sacramento CPS acted as if it had never happened. When Rhodd was finally able to get in contact with CPS, they were not even aware that Macey had passed.

Chaudhry claims that CPS said they would pay for the funeral, but they would dispose of the ashes. The family would not receive them. Later, CPS said they would give her $5,000 towards funeral costs. When Rhodd questioned why her phone calls had been ignored, she claims she was told that a supervisor had told them not to contact her due to fear that media would find out what happened.

Now this heartbroken family is left with questions surrounding the death of this baby. Why did the foster parents not check on a 6-week-old baby all night long? Why was Baby Macey sleeping in a car seat all night long in the first place? Why did this elderly couple with four other foster children receive custody over the grandmother? If the grandmother had received custody, Macey would most likely still be alive today.

The family wants justice for Baby Macey. Along with being ignored by CPS, local media in the area has ignored them as well, forcing the family to take to social media to beg for people to help get the word out. Nothing will bring Baby Macey back, but someone needs to be held accountable for her untimely death. This tragedy is a perfect example of how Child Protective Services can fail a family. The system is broken, and often we find children like Macey ending up in foster care instead of with willing and able family members.

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