Townsville Police Child Sex Crimes Unit accused of protecting paedophiles and targetting those helping raped children

Congratulations on the Australian Federal Police for sending three innocent men and one courageous lady (Big brave police they are!), to be tried by the paedophile protecting family court judges.

By the way, great news press with the AFP’s Debbie Platz saying ‘how many issues the “stolen” children have’ - though we at Alecomm highly doubt it’s anything, compared to being raped by ur daddy - which is what these men were protecting these children from. 

Unfortunately Townsville Detective Miles, heading the child sex abuse crimes unit already gave evidence about how he concealed sex crimes against children when sequestered in the current royal commission - read the transcripts.

Now he’s the state cop feeding the federal cops the lies that the children were never sexually abused by their father. 

In another related case, this officer did the same to a grandmother - as in treated her like garbage after her grandson disclosed child sexual abuse. 

He told another grandmother the same thing he told the mother whose children repeatedly disclosed persistent chronic sexual abuse by their father. “He is a good man. He would never do that”.

He also said “We will arrest you if you come here again”. And, “we will not be investigating the paedophile parent, so they can do as they please”. 

Did u know that one of the children had tearing to the anus and sexually transmitted disease? 

Another great win for paedophile parents who get custody and full access (literally), the minute a child discloses.  

And bravo to the AFP for being the paedophilic family courts whipping boy.

If you’d like a refresher in Paedophilia and the Queensland Police then click here. 

And don’t forget last years Spectacular covered by the Brisbane Times, of which there were a thousand allegations of corrupt police conduct in just under three months.  

‘The CCC conducted four investigations that resulted in four people being charged with 30 child sex offences’. Click here.  


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