"Barnardos not waiting for forced adoption legislation, are instead kidnapping newborns direct from hospitals"

It has recently been alleged that  Barnardos, (NOT DOCS) have crossed state borders and stolen newborn babies from a private hospital - on a Section 44.

Section 44's are only valid for 3 days and this order expired some two weeks ago.

The mother went into premature labour whilst on holidays with her husband, and it apperas that there was absolutely NO serious risk of harm at all to the babies.

The parents have not seen their babies since.  No Section 45 has been applied for either, nor any paperwork served - which must be done within 5 working days of assumption of care of the babies.

So now Barnardos themselves have stolen two newborn babies without lawful authority.  They have then hidden these babies illegally - as at this point in time, and from all accounts it appears they have been kidnapped.

If you thought Louise Voigt and her company had stopped their destructive and unlawful ways a few decades ago, think again ... they're not even bothered to wait for the new legalised kidnapping legislation to come into place, and jumping at any chance to sell a newborn baby for the profit of their so-called not for profit organisation that is designed to assist those in need.

"Barnardos have a different vision for the children they kidnap"

turnbll twins sml ad2c7"Barnardos' Vision All children and young people will have caring families, in which they can grow safely and fulfill their potential." Baaaaahaaaaaa.

Not for these kids ... Well they envision then growing up - but in an entirely different family they have chosen for these babies.

At 3pm yesterday, a Coffs Harbour magistrate issued an arrest warrant for the retrieval of two kidnapped babies believed to be in the care of Barnardos.

The babies were illegally taken from a private hospital outside of Brisbane, and nobody has seen them since.

The magistrate previously issued orders that the babies be returned by 3pm yesterday afternoon - or failing that he would issue an arrest warrant.

Barnardos failed to hand over the kidnapped children to their parents, and at 4pm the magistrate issued the warrant, which was delivered to Barnardos shortly thereafter.

"The Barnardo’s scam."

Truth: Kidnapping children on the “open” black market, distancing real families and their connections.  Manipulative, fake, going under the guise “in the best interests of the children”.  Always look outside the box in every area of life…

“Barnardo’s are the narcissistic individuals who have had my child for the last year, it’s apparently a last resort adoption agency for children in danger- albiet, my baby was kidnapped at birth, so I was never given a chance to even show that I could be a mother in the first place.

For this reason Iam strongly suspicious and question their motives, and I wonder how they can kidnap and adopt babies and children out based on speculation in regards to what they think may happen in the future.

This type of family annihilation, carnage, and fraudulence is absolutely, 100% evil, callous and extremely inhumane, yet sadly these christian organisations never really died out after the stolen generation.

Barnardo’s is a completely corrupt money driven scam targeting vulnerable individuals (especially young mothers who do not understand how this corrupt system works), and sadly it is not unlike the Department of community services, in-fact, they are actually one in the same as they are a branch and affiliate of DoCs.

They are not a charity there to “help and assist struggling families” (as they so frequently state and seem to pride themselves by). When they say this, they are referring to the foster carers and the child/ren staying with them, not the real families.

They receive mass monetary incentive by the government, yet they continue to place donation boxes around Australia for additional financial incentive, i.e, in doctors surgery’s and the like.

So on top of the large sums of money they are continually attaining for the kidnap of my child and many other children of innocent parents, they are also disguising themselves as a charity and using the unsuspecting public for additional moneyby donations.It’s one of the biggest, most psychopathic, and methodical scams of today – there solely to use children as a means to keep their pursesfull – regardless of where the money came from and how it was attained. They are perpetually and systematically using children for profit and deceiving the public in to thinking that they are there to assist children and families in need, sadly, nothing could be further from the truth.Barnardos is a branch of DoCs, once a child is ready for adoption by Docs standards, they are then moved to these private companies, Barnardo’s being the most common NGO.” - END THE SECRECY!

"Barnardo's truth"

Many people like us look up to Barnardo's as an organisation who's aim is to help Children. The truth is far from what is expected :
  • It is the most corrupt of any charity organisation.
  • 80% of the funds it generates goes towards their own expenses and is never passed on to the people for whom they generate
  • They charge for each service they provide although they generate funds for the same.
  • The Baby Massage in Manchester for e.g. the funds for everything including towels comes from various sources however participants are asked to bear the cost of Towels or bring about their own Towels.
  • The counsellors/Case workers do not speak to Muslims and Hindu people and are never ready to take up complaints in the Wytenshawe region.
  • The grant they receive from Manchester City Council is never utilised for the purpose and only fake bills are submitted by employees and the money is equaly shared with the Centre Manager Debbie koroma
  • In the last road show organised by NHS where the Family Action Benchill team participated, only 10 % of the give aways bought for people actually reached the venue. Rest all were divided by the Centre Manager between the teams. 
  • All Toys which are donated to the centre and are in perfect working condition were taken away by Cilla at the Family Action Benchill and new toys were bought in their place to utilise the funds with a huge margin as points generated by these buys were utilised by Cilla for buying her new juicer. 

(Source : http://barnardos-truth.blogspot.com.au/)

Barnardos - Covering Sexual Assaults and Abuse of Children for over 80 Years

How is it that Section 106A prevents any parents from having more children in their care if they have lost one prior, yet Barnardo's and any other government / church organisations, get to abuse kids year after year after year. Our government gives those organisations millions of dollars each year, and what you get in return is proliffic coverup of any and all abuse at the hands of their staff, so they can keep making dollar after dollar after dollar.