Press Release: Upcoming Barnevernett CPS Kidnapping Ring Conference this weekend in Sofia

On 29 September 2019 the Bulgarian non-governmental Association ‘Parents United for Children’ (Bul. Abbr. ‘ROD’, direct heir to the national informal Facebook group ‘No to the Strategy for the Child 2019-2030, and part of the international movement against the imposition of anti-family policies), will hold a national conference with international participation under the title ‘SOCIAL CHILD KIDNAPPING — HIDDEN WAR AGAINST THE FAMILY.’ This first of its kind conference will be held at Vitosha Park Hotel in Sofia (Vitosha conference hall), starting at 9:00.

Among the international guest speakers are German sociologist Gabriele Kuby, author of book ‘ The Global Sexual Revolution’; Lorcan Price - Irish barrister who played major part in fighting legalisation of abortion in his country, Norwegian legal expert Markus Reikeras, who gained international recognition for the protection of human rights, especially the rights of children and families; Steven Bennett and Bjorn Korf, founders and leading figures of the Austrian-based NGO for the protection of children’s rights, ‘Step up 4 Children’s Rights’; Steven Bennett is author of ‘ Stolen Childhood,’ exposing the dysfunctional Norwegian child protection services.

The hosts of the conference will be represented by the following Bulgarian lawyers: Vladimir Sheitanov, who played a crucial diplomatic role in freeing the falsely-accused Bulgarian medical staff in Libya; lawyer of the year 2018 Peter Nikolov, who has won numerous court cases against the state for wrongly removed children; Iliana Mavrodieva - a promising young lawyer; and international human rights and religious freedom lawyer Dr Victor Kostov.

This important conference will follow the national protest on 28 September 2019 against the imposition of anti-family legislation and ideology in Bulgaria. Among the main demands of the protestors is the total repeal of the newly adopted laws, as well as the amendments and supplements of the already existing laws, which will come into force in January 2020. These legal changes directly affect the families’ and children’s rights, delegating unwarranted powers to social services and NGOs with questionable profiles, which are perceived as a threat to the safety of the Bulgarian family, home, school and nursery. Stopping the ratification of the UN ‘Third Optional Protocol’ to the Convention of the Rights of the Child, which is based on the same ideological principles against which united parents are fighting, are also among the demands of the protestors. The protest will take place in front of the Council of Ministers of the Republic of Bulgaria, starting at 13:00.

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