San Francisco family seeking help in medical kidnap case

Felisha Crowder and Dusty are PACC members. This is a medical kidnap case, through and through. The children were placed in a bad place, no one would look into the two year old girl's very red private parts. When the mother found the very red private parts and the little girl pointing and saying "ow-eee, ow-eee," the staff at the monitored visitation site told her not to call the police, that CPS would look into it. Uh. Huh.

Is Medical Kidnapping big pharma’s new dirty decret?

Big Pharma has another dirty secret that mainstream media is intentionally keeping from you. Nope, it’s not another pharmaceutical class-action lawsuit for killing and maiming thousands. Nor is it the suppression or intentional sabotage of a natural substance for the treatment of cancer. This is something that is every parent’s horrifying nightmare… especially a parent who is well educated in natural and alternative health.

Imagine, just for a moment, that you get the devastating news that your 10-year-old son has been diagnosed with cancer. As a good parent, you want to learn as much as possible about treatment options and you immediately scour the web for information.