The rose coloured glasses effect

Funny you say "Rose colored glasses", because that's exactly what happened to me while working towards my BSW and trying to get the ones called "Child Protection" workers to PROTECT as per their mandate under the legislation in BC. I clearly and very concisely advised a "Social Worker" that I no longer wore the "rose colored glasses" she had on. The study of Social Work is nothing more than junk science, with all these "expected/desired outcomes", which boil down to government experiments on children and their families that have been made to APPEAR justified. They probably have a couple of "magic balls" too that make the delusional fairy tale endings as well. There is not ONE person in this world that can "predict" the future of a traumatized child with absolute precision. Trauma affects each and every one of them differently, as it does their families that have to pick up the pieces afterwards.

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