"DoCS Gosford send Non-Autistic boy to Autistic School at Terrigal"

DoCS Gosford, Catherine Thraves and Co., have just recently enrolled a young boy, who DOES NOT HAVE AUTISM, into Aspect Central Coast - a school for children with autism at Terrigal.

You see, after stealing the child at a young age (for the second time), after the mother won restoration in District Court, they placed the young boy in a foster home of at least eight children.  Most of them have autism or some other intellectual disability.

This boy, is the youngest of eight children, and now as he is (obviously) mimmicking the behaviours of the older intellectually disabled children, DoCS Gosford have decided that he has autism and shall go to an autism school too.

What most people fail to see, is that the carers get around $500 per fortnight more, minimum, to have children with a disability in their care.  So of course, to have this innocent boy as assessed as having autism makes "good $en$e" now, doesn't it.

We should also tell you that this boy's aunty was assessed to have him placed under kinship care.  Unfortunately DoCS Gosford had the wrong assessment done, and although the aunty has only one child - who is doing extremely well at school, and also has the equivalent qualifications of a DoCS worker herself, they refused to let the boy be placed under her care.  You know what their excuse was?  That the boy was suffering RAD (Reactive Attachment Disorder) - because of the continual multiple placements DoCS have had him in - and he needed to be placed in a one-on-one situation.  Shortly thereafter, they placed him with another eight kids.  

So now they say he has autism.  Congratulations Catie Thraves, when you say you "Can't work with this family", on record, in court, you really go out of your way to prove your point don't you.  Is there any more damage you can do to this young boy?

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