Gosford Hospital Midwives are Massive Promoters of Child Trafficking

This mother had her baby stolen just minutes after this photo was taken.  No prior investigation, just a hand full of false accusations, and risk of harm reports filed by low-life nursing staff (alison) at gosford hospital.

Do you know that Alison considers herself to be more qualified than this mothers doctor, as she filed risk of harm reports stating that there was a risk of harm because the mother was taking medication that her doctor had prescribed ???

She then filed another risk of harm report stating that this mother had her previous child taken by docs also.  What a filthy liar you are alison midwife at gosford hospital.

Alison also filed risk of harm reports stating that this mother had had "little" if any ante-natal care.   This was another lie and doctors reports from this mothers surgery and reports from both wyong and gosford hospital proved this also.

Human Services Legal Staff will now write a letter to our nameservers whinging again about this picture - they will say we can't put it up because this child was involved in proceedings - but under the legislation ANY CHILD THAT MAY BECOME SUBJECT TO CARE PROCEEDINGS may not have their photo published.

This means that no child in Australia may have their photo published because Human Services MAY take legal action in the future.  Are these guys for real?  This child should have never been taken and as a result never have been subject to care proceedings. 

This beautiful baby was not allowed her colostrum.  Was not allowed to be breastfed.  Was not even allowed to be looked at or held by her own family for the first four miserable days of her life.  They even stole her brand new clothes.  She was denied her right as a baby to her family, a mothers bond and her breastmilk.  And as far as Linda Burney stating no child is taken without prior investigation, the recording of this situation proves Linda, you are a liar. 

This baby was not allowed to go home for almost 5 months of her life.  There was no reason for it.  There was no investigation.  All there was was DOCs caseworkers and managers, and legal representatives adjourning the case further and further in order to cause as much possible harm to both mother and baby, and father and family as possible.  This mother, and the babys father, and family had to pay over $40,000 to have their beautiful baby girl returned.

This mother is not alone, nor is this baby.  This is an every day happening with the Department of Community Services, and their co-conspirators at various hospitals around NSW particularly Randwick, Gosford and Wyong.  Tweed Heads is up there also ... they take babies from parents who haven't even had children!

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+3 #3 Pamela 2010-04-05 23:38
They are inflicting Pain , Trauma , Heartache, and i will say it again



+3 #2 absbabs 2010-04-05 22:50
I feel for the woman who had her baby removed from her in Gosford hospital. It happens everywhere, Westmead, Blacktown and even in Wagga Wagga. I had six children and took six children home. My seventh I took into the hospital and left empty handed and that was almost three years ago and I still to this day have never gotten over it and cannot handle being around newborn babies. I too was shut away from all the other mothers whose babies i could hear crying on the ward whilst I was empty handed. I was not offered counseling let alone security from my violent partner who assaulted me multiple times on the ward. I got my baby boy back after fighting for two years but I never got back my new born son. He too died the day he was taken just as I did the day my eldest six children were taken. You are scarred for life and nothing will ever change that, it stays with you for life.
+4 #1 PondaWonda 2010-04-02 18:08
How truely heart breaking unfortuately I can say and honestly know how this Mum feels although I wish I did not they really must learn to look listen learn and INVESTERGATE So sad so wrong How they can inflicted this emotional damage on the whole family mums to cousins it is damaging leaving deep scaring on to many hearts...

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