*** UPDATE: Another foster child left for dead by Tweed Heads child protection caseworkers

Since publication of this article in 2013, neither DHS or any NGO have taken any responsibility for this young man.  He has been left homless, left with drug addicts receiving hefty foster care allowances to pay their drug habit, and he has been jailed twice.  All at the ripe old age of 18.  What hope is there for Aron, who was ripped from his mothers arms and left to rot in foster care until he was old enough to run away from the disfunctional placement he was given by people who claim to work in the best interest of the child. 

His mother begged for help for many years, has shifted from area to area after being told by NGOs that they are going to reunify her and her children.  What a cruel scam to run on a mum who only wanted the best for her kids.  None of the four children removed have ever been debriefed, they were just removed from their mothers life where there was no evidence of abuse or neglect and handed around to various foster carers and agencies where everybody flourished except them.

When will DoCS be held accountable for their crimes against humanity?

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+5 #3 Childrens AdvocateGuest 2013-09-08 16:03
This incomprehensibl e, utter negligence and absolutely deplorable by this runaway Child Protection Dpt. There are literally thousands of teenagers being dumped by the same Government Dpt that removed them from their mothers/parents and families in their SO CALLED best interest.This Dpt gets worse by the day. Teenagers are screaming out for help and this young man cannot even seek love, care and nurturing by his own mother because of the poor judgements carried out on this family and no doubt many others. There are thousands of DUMPED teenage WARDS on the streets , on drugs and in juvenile detention centres and with nowhere to go after DoCs dumps them. It is ludicrous to think they remove these teenagers as children , place them in so many placements or group homes where they do not have to attend school and can roam the streets all night under so called Child Protection. Teenagers that have been sexually abused by their Foster Carers and abused by the Child Protection system. Something is seriously wrong , the public should be OUTRAGED that DoCS/FACS can totally neglect their DUTY OF CARE to these KIDS and get away with it.
+6 #2 RE: SOS! Another foster child left for dead by Tweed Heads child protection caseworkersGuest 2013-09-07 07:22
DoCS change their mind on how to deal with Domestic Abuse at their own whim. I reported it THREE TIMES during a JIRT investigation over one and a half months in 2008. Detective Annemarie Buckland wrote it in her notes that I reported the abuse on one of the occasions yet told me she did not care how my wife treated me.

After I went to the local Member of Parliament to get help for the family the JIRT team retaliated by going to court and saying I was not a responsible adult for reporting the risks to the children. They didn't want to know about it.

The court refused to allow me to respond as the comments vilifying me, taking up half the AVO application, had nothing to do with the orders requested.

Thats right folks - report DV and the NSW Child Protection Squad vilifies you instead of reducing the DV ...

They know how bad DV is for children yet they cause it. They make families argue with their lies and dishonesty. Despite all the evidence about the negative effects of DV in front of children the Child Protection authorities not only ignore it but actually support the person committing the Domestic Abuse.

In fact Detective Annemarie Buckland told me it was not her job to be concerned about the children despite being in the Child Protection Squad.

They lie to the courts about the welfare of the children when they dont give a shit about the children, they lie to the public by when they claim they are concerned about children. They lie in their performance measures as none show how well the protect children and they lie to your partner saying that you are not concerned about the children. They cause abuse and split families apart despite this being the worst thing for children.

They only do this because they are more interested in themselves than the children. They need to cover their arses and cover up their lies so they protect themselves rather than show any conce3rn at all about the welfare and wellbeing of the children as required by law.

It is apparently OK to cover up these lies because the NSW Ombudsman says they are not there to protect or prevent harm to children anyway and the NSW Minister's Office lie about internal reviews.

We really need some public accountability for all the lies in Child Protection in NSW
+7 #1 RE: SOS! Another foster child left for dead by Tweed Heads child protection caseworkersGuest 2013-09-06 07:11
My son has been through living hell courtesy of a Department that says it 'works in the best interests of the children'. I have watched the decline of my son over the years as DoCS refused to meet his and my families needs. He has lived with me on and off since 2008. Every time I encounter the same problematic behaviour. Created and generated by the mental anguish DoCS inflicted him with. DoCS have used the excuse that he 'is not safe' to be around his brothers and sister and used it as another excuse to refuse restoration and unification of my 5 children. However, DoCS have not only permitted but encouraged the 2 fathers of my children to have access with the siblings.. In fact, they had more access than even me. When Aaron came to live with me in 2008, DoCS cut access with the brother he had lived with his whole life. There was originally a case plan in place that stated, 'we are to have access every fortnight'. We did not have even one of these visits. DoCS then blamed a 'false allegation' of 'sexual assault' for not permitting him access... No response was given as to why my access with his brother was also cut. Tweed DoCS employed John Trendinnick as their Psyche. It was by his authority that my son was separated from his siblings and treated like a criminal.. Please forward all complaints against this monster to Alecomm. I know there are others. Please do not fear this man or his evil colleagues. It was hard enough for me to attend the 'one hour every 3months access visit with this monster and my 2youngest babes'. Soul destroying for Aaron. He would insist on coming to the office with me to'beg for access'. His request was never permitted. He only saw his brother and sister from a distance as they arrived at Tweed DoCS. Aaron turned to drugs to cope. He would run away looking for solace in all the wrong areas. I felt powerless to help him and DoCS just refused to help. Aaron lived with my fiance and I for a year. We had one case meeting in which we were told 'its not a meeting but a get to know you'. This was six months into the case plan.. The Manager Sandy Pillon informed me at the end of the year that 'if Aaron has 3counselling sessions, he can see his siblings', to which I replied 'too little, too late. Though if you had've offered that avenue a year ago, it may have helped.' She herself refused to sign Victims of Crime counselling forms for him when he first came into my care. Tweed DoCS promised countless times to do a home visit. Tweed Mental Health worker April Lovett also wrote to them twice requesting that they do so. Tweed DoCS cancelled and apologised many times for not attending our home but not once did they visit us. This is despite the fact that we lived 15 minutes away from the DoCS office. Sandy Pillon has acknowledged the fact they 'made many mistakes'with my family. However, this does not mean they will be accountable. My children were stolen because I was a victim of DV. Thats it. Theyv punished me and my 5babes because they said 'Ichose to be a victim'. Whilst I was a victim of childhood abuse and neglect and partner abuse I did not 'choose to be a victim'. Tweed DoCS have been the worst abusers I could have imagined. Never in my nightmares did I believe what they have done was possible. I want Tweed DoCS held accountable for the neglect and crimes perpetrated on my family. I do not want my son to die due to being on auto pilot destruct. How many wards are on the streets?. How many are on drugs?. How many are now in prison?.

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