"Pru Goward pushing to abandon our basic human rights"

30803-clip-art-graphic-of-a-scared-and-nervous-brown-dog-cowering-with-his-tail-tucked-between-his-hind-legs-by-djartPru Goward has recently released the Child Protection Reforms Discussion Paper entitled "Child Protection: Legislative Reform Legislative proposals: Strengthening parental capacity, accountability and outcomes for children and young people in State care".

We're taking a punt on the fact that many caseworkers are whinging about the Preliminary DoCS Complaints Registers, and regardless of whether they are or not, guilty of the alleged offence, Minister Goward is taking the offensive in that her Caseworkers aren't committing the crimes they have been accused of on the registers.

Sadly enough, Alecomm staff have viewed enough casefiles to know this is not true, and that too many caseworkers are getting away with blue murder, and the destruction of thousands of children's lives, all to just punish ghosts of their own past.

With so much documentation proving that caseworkers are committing crimes, including kidnap and blackmail, violating the International Covenant of Civil and Political Rights of both parents and children, and committing offences in the courts, offences that attract up to fourteen years plus jail, it is absolutely astounding that the Minister is turning a blind eye to it all.

We hope that Ms Goward takes notice of the continual stream of official complaints filed via Alecomm, where our clients continue to state multiple crimes, and starts acting like the minister that is continually out there portraying to care about our innocent children.

When you continually spout that "you do not remove children unless all avenues have been exhausted to try and keep the family together", and continually receive files that state the opposite - HOW DO YOU SLEEP AT NIGHT?  What will it take for Ms Goward to start cleaning house and forcing her workers to abide by the laws that are in place to protect those who cannot protect themselves.  When caseworkers are removing children without evidence - THIS IS KIDNAP.  

Now - those kidnappers are trying to have the minister worker to cover their criminal activities.  Will Ms Goward do the right thing and not try and violate more of our human rights that we are entitled to INCLUDING FREE SPEECH?  Or will she follow suit of her rogue workers and continue with the destruction of human rights.  We all pray Ms Goward's conscience gets the better of her and she does not do this - becuase we all know a law that is unlawful is not a law at all.


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